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A not quite about Palin post

(This blog deals  very little with Palin – who is not someone I’d support but a private citizen, hyped for political exploitation of sexism)

A funny thing happened once she was nominated: all the rabid sexism directed at Hillary automatically transferred to her, only this time, some of the former Hillary supporters joined in.

The reaction was  directed by the candidate who started  with “she is only a mayor and I manage a campign with more money that her town” and grew from there with help of all the media on and off line that was bought.

I was at the time on a forum, Capitol Hill which grew from former Hillary supporters that were banned from DU from supporting the wrong candidate.

When this second wave of sexism hit, the forum owner got swept by it so intensely, she eventually decided to take down the whole forum, refusing to hand it over to anyone not identically inclined.

Just when I thought the Palin wars were over, the Gifford shootings started and the cross hairs map became a new symbol of anti-Palin sentiment.

It led to new fractures at my favorite blog.

At least this time I won’t be deprived of any of my posters as I intend to frequent both.

I took down comments attacking anyone involved.

The 2012 propaganda is on in force – using the upcoming SOTU and the so called “move to the center”

The official propaganda organ has “deficit cuts” in the headline

LA Times has 2012 in the headline

and Arizona Republoc has an ironic cover, pairing “centrist Obama” with a broken ladder  for the middle class to fall of – just exactly what center is Obama “moving” towards? Because it seems to me, he has the Midas touch – living things Midas touched were killed by his touch in case anyone is confused


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