important question

Will We Still Be Allowed To Post Here If We Support Democrats, But Not the President ???

No official answer yet


Oops… ‘Obama’s Social Security Talk Is Turning Voters Off, Pollsters Say’ – Dan Froomkin/HuffPo

The defense comes swiftly in the form of finger pointing

1. what a load of bull

Do these people polled know what the GOP position of SS is?   Permalink


2. er, the same as Obama’s? Permalink

Some weighty issues

Did Todd Palin Have an Affair with a Massage Therapist?

I remember they were hating the Inquirer during Edwards’ affair

Someone is pleased

Congressional Republicans praise President Obama for reviewing government business regulations

which leads to this reply

10. In other news, Republicans give up search for a 2012 candidate,

announce plans to nominate Obama.   Permalink

For the DUdie, more multi-dimensional chess dreams

What if Obama’s pro-business agreements are calculated to further divide the Republican Party?

Scenario: Obama goes insanely to the right on economic & national security policy in order to get concessions on social issues like DADT, DOMA, & health care, & abortion. Tea party heads explode nationwide over the less-crazy Republicans who agreed to said concessions. Chaos ensues in time for 2012.

Just a thought. I can’t imagine why else he would be doing this.

Or maybe this one should be the DUdie?


Please tell me I did not just see a Hillary 2012 ad on CNN

PUMAs are mentioned, and a discussion of “historic” and “historic-er” follows

A sample:

5. Historically, blacks have been more oppressed than white women in the US

That’s why Obama’s election would have been more historic than Hillary’s.

Hillary’s election would have been historic, but not as historic as Obama’s.   Permalink