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Misogynists find their patron saint – Howard Stern

Howard Stern Takes On Palin (Language Warning)

What follows is a video – and I didn’t touch that 1ith a 10 foot pole but from the comments, the c word is used a lot.

They are of course kindred spirits

3. As a long time Stern listener I agree with ya

Howard is quite self-centered and not that well informed about real politics. But I still love Howard even when I don’t agree with him. He supported Kerry in 2004 and Obama in 2008 just in case anyone didn’t know.   Permalink
16. Howard thought the POTUS was magnificent….

he his shtick but its clear he can’t stand Sarah.   Permalink

and watch them trying to be PC – but never about women

6. After Howard said Palin was not bright but stupid, Robin said, “That’s why I get after

you for taking such a hard line against her. It’s like beating up on Gary the Retard.”:rofl:

(Apologies for using the word “retard”, but that’s the nickname of one of Howard’s regular guests.)   Permalink

and after someone announces the use of the “C” word, one person offers

29. I think Stern
and Palin are exactly alike. They bring our culture down…..way down.It’s like that saying about calling the kettle black.  Permalink

but son the admiration society resumes

Seems the Obama speech left little effect

Tucson Shooting Victim (Veteran) Blames Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle

and not just on the victims family, but Os as well

2. He should file lawsuits against them and let a jury decide who is at fault

That’s how civilized people settle their differences.  Permalink

One is trying to be funny, not realizing that he is pointing at his own hypocrisy

6. Blood Libel! Blood Libel!

He’s going to incite VIOLENCE with his words although it’s impossible to incite violence with words and people used to FIGHT DUELS! Or…something….   Permalink

Here’s where I get an education: there’s a gun forum on DU and this is a discussion

Link to Liberal Gun Club forums….

It ain’t your father’s liberals….

A bout of frustration – she isn’t finished then????

WTF??!! What the hell is wrong with people?! Survey says…

Americans View Sarah Palin as more Sincere and Believable after Watching Speech
HCD Research < >
Results: /

12% of Dems, 56% of Rs, and 29% of Indies say they would support Sarah Palin if she were to run in the Presidential Election in 2012!!!


I took this survey and gave her 0% on everything. (I wonder if they eliminate high and low scores?) Can people not spot an irrational, whiny, selfish, craven grifter even after a 7 minute-long showcase of all her greatest hits? Jeezus, this is depressing! ….

A typical explanation

1. The answer is oh so simple

America is chock full complete idiots

We don’t need any more proof   Permalink

or, just discredit the source

2. I’ve never heard of this poll

It looks unscientific, and un-reputable.

Please delete it.   ermalink

when not admiring Stern for the use of the “C” word, other images will do

Picture Perfect Palin. A must see.

Might be offensive to other a**holes.

Disgusting cartoon follows – but if you are offended, you are already named


Not Your Sweetie

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