Apparently the re-election 2012 campaign officially kicked off with the memorial slogan (photo h/t Stray yellow dog)

which has been borrowed wholesale from the 2008 campaign


(photos h/t No Quarter)

And to think this wasn’t even planned, but a gift from a crazy man and an irresponsible/negligent sheriff.

Who cares? While raising money, one can keep lecturing

and meanwhile

a billion is needed to buy propaganda when news events can’t be twisted

But a billion dollar presidential re-election bid is unlikely to be launched or sustained for long exclusively with small donors. Even in 2008, Obama’s eye-popping online giving was matched with larger donations generated by roughly 700 big and small bundlers.

One can only wonder, what astonishing new logos will one billion buy! I can’t wait!

I mean, think about it, in 2008

To be sure, it’s early, and Obama and his team have proven to be prodigious fundraisers. In 2008, the president raised $745 million and became the first nominee in modern history to decline public funding and finance his campaign entirely with private money.

and we got wonders like this one

The Obama campaign is no longer using the above logo.

I can’t wait for the more expensive version!