Glenn Greenwald: “Why would the White House possibly do anything other than ignore progressives?”

and I’ll pick just one comment

1. the ‘No where else to go party’. nt Permalink

Number one thread is an inflammatory letter

Dear Sarah Palin: A Giffords Cousin Speaks Out

but some reflective discussions make it through

There was plenty of “death” rhetoric aimed at Bush during his presidency

with the necessary disclaimers…

I’m not saying Palin isn’t an idiot. I’m not saying that the rhetoric of violence doesn’t need to be stopped. But we really need to stop the “we don’t do this” stuff because Repubs DO remember things, you know.

And I know, these aren’t politicians saying it, but we can’t just deny this didn’t happen or we are just as bad as they are.

I’m ready to be flamed.

and as some protest that “never on DU”, some admit

36. Skinner actually got a visit from the Secret Service because of posts threatening Bush.…

The reason you rarely see violent rhetoric on DU is that the mods do such a good job deleting those posts before most people get to see them.  Permalink

There’s even this

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” – Barack Obama

Saw the thread about the Democratic election chart with the bullseyes, thought I’d throw this out for discussion.


After several excuses, one interesting reply

3. Another broken promise

He only brings sling shots to knife fights.  Permalink

and another

20. dumb comment, and his predator drone joke was much worse

use predator drones against the Jonas Brothers, ha ha ha. :eyes: Permalink

Some are flogging the new bestest speech evah

The Offical DU ” I Remember Now Why I Supported Obama” Thread

As soon as I’m ready to throw in the towel, the SOB gives one of the most inspiring speeches EVER given by an elected American official.

There’s a little tug of war between the”I love him again”s and the I never stopped”s with the occasional peppering of

26. +1 Being a good President involves more than giving nice speeches. Permalink

But most threads really are about Palin. To save time, instead of finding a bunch of illustrations, I am going to cover all this with the page one from AM_NY of yesterday

Such as this very popular one

sarah, did you notice what mr loughner was doing when captured?


while you’re feeling sorry for yourself, save a little for the real victims

or this one

Silent thread of DUer’s that support a psychiatric examination of Sarah Palin

Hey it’s a step from demanding her arrest – but not sure if it’s up or down.

and thi piece of news has some interesting reactions

Death Threats Against Sarah Palin at ‘Unprecedented Level,’ Aides Say

such as

104. Palin is an “emotional manipulator” look here… whatever it is, it’s ALWAYS about Palin, and poor Sarah is SUCH a victim! :nopity: Permalink


13. The foul taste of your own poisoned brew.

Eventually if all you do politically is distill foulness, don’t bitch when you yourself have a taste of it.

Here is a idea, stop being a hatemonger  Permalink

with just one noting the hypocrisy

37. So it is Ok for her to get death threats (assuming the report is true)? nt Permalink

and after they clamored for Palin’s psychiatric examination, they also decided mental illness doesn’t work “in a vacuum”. They know so from “one of them”

A comment from a ‘mentally ill’ American.

He concludes a long rant – partly about medical insurance

Banning guns or abusing the less than sane is not truly the answer, under these conditions.

If ‘we’ – the mentally ill – were truly to blame for gun violence, there would be tens of thousands of mass killings a year, considering the number of we “subnormals” and the number of guns are available.

That argument is a straw man of the scummiest kind.

As I said  – I cannot excuse  that fucker in Arizona,  who’s only advisors (I am convinced) were the Glenn Becks  and the Sarah Palins of this world.

But I wonder if he could afford his drugs.

If he couldn’t, then we should rethink the status quo.

It’s one of the most popular threads there.

And the obligatory, weekly

Palin is Finished.

n awful lot of commentary was spent last night on CNN and MSNBC discussing Palin’s stupid mistake. She picked the wrong time, she said the wrong things and her choice of the term blood libel was just outright dumb. At one point someone threw up her latest approval rating from early January, 22%. She’s toast.

But don’t stop calling her out everyone! I myself won’t be happy until that rating goes to 0%.

Sarah, pack it in.

Again, it was impossible to pick one DU-die.

Maybe next Tuesday.