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Arizona papers set the right emphasis today

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I had avoided the tabloids lately, as i didn’t want to promote sensationalizing the tragedy.

But yesterday, I saw this funny cover

It’s snowing here in NYC, so this is timely – even as it refers to the last storm.

There’s a funnier photo out there

and it’s our Mayor during the last blizzard – in Bermuda along with this funny write-up from the Gothamist

if Bloomberg ever wants to grow up to be President, he needs to get used to it. He should have just owned it (like he owns everything else) and simply told reporters, “Hey ya’all, just got back from Bermuda, which is exactly where all you disgraceful slobs would be if you had my kind of money. Anyway, what did I miss? Some snow fell from the sky? I guess that’s my fault, huh. Well, screw the plows. 10% of your are unemployed, and I’ve got billions of dollars. Anybody with a shovel want to make a few bucks?”

Dayum! And NY Post tried so hard to blame the snafu on the sanitation workers!

Some highlights from Bloomberg’s press conference

Reporter question: “Why did you wait 24 hours to return to the city from Bermuda … ?”
Bloomberg answers, cutting off the question: “I don’t know how where you get that information. We don’t put out, check the public schedule, I can tell you this, I was totally in communications and in charge and accountable all the time and that’s the way I’ve been for nine years.”

Later, another reporter question: “Can we expect you to stay in the city for any predicted storms for the rest of this winter?”
Bloomberg answer: “I, we, you check the public schedule and we’ll be happy to provide that to you …”
Reporter: (interrupting, inaudible)
Bloomberg: “I just told you the answer to that question.”

The rest is funnier as he keeps comparing himself with POTUS

It’s snowing in NYC, and the schools are open….


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