Oh, they are out, and they do what they usually do.

in light of the tragic events in Arizona, I shall not enable them by spreading their treatment of the tragedy.

Nor shall I give credence to either side politicizing the events – until the motives and circumstances are established without doubt.

One note on hateful rhetoric: before “Hope and Change” happened, I subscribed to the theory that it only came from the right. But in 2008 I chronicled these from the left

Sarah!  Sarah!

and on  Facebook. Obamacrats had these going in 2009 still

58 Kill Hillary groups – on Facebook

with Olberman suggesting that someone should take Hillary into a room and only he comes out.

The cross hairs map from the right

is matched by the bulls eyes maps from the left (OK, DLC)

I am trying to say that no side has clean hands to accuse the other.

It has to stop all around.