A bit of confusion re: Daley picking

William Daley replaces Rahm – Mr NAFTA picked by Obama

William Daley replaces Rahm – Mr NAFTA picked by Obama? Another fox in the chicken coup.

I guess Gore liked this corporate Dem, anti-middle class guy too. Gore hired him for his Presidential run.
Daley is yet another Big Business, anti-working class “Democrat”.

Still an Obama believer? Still think corporatists don’t populate our party?

At first, CDS seems the way to go

9. He was pushing the agenda of his boss, Bill Clinton Permalink

but it gets hard to hang on that

4. Howard Dean endorsed him yesterday. nt Permalink

and some immediately think that this means it must be somehow a good thing. But Dean is not untouchable

5. Yeah, Howard is wrong. Daley said Obama’s health insurance bill

was “overreaching”, and lobbied against that puny financial reform bill. And he was heading up Chase during all those illegal foreclosures.

No need to jump out of a window. It’s just business.  Permalink

Yet a new hero emerges for the ignorant

Reverend Sharpton is going to go after the rethugs for trying to gut health care for minorities

a more insightful view

Are The Democrats And Republicans Just Playing “Good Cop/Bad Cop” For The Global Corporatists ???

and an interesting mindset evidenced here – on Jan 5 the gavel passing day

If Obama lost in 2012, would u watch the next inauguration?

After seeing this today, I don’t think I could. The republican love fest going on is sickening.

This is about Manning

President Obama: No Whistleblowing on My Watch

First comment

1. Once again: What would we ALL be saying if it was Bush doing this? Permalink

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Just what is our President smoking?

The Republicans “are going to play to their base for a certain period of time. But I’m pretty confident that they’re going to recognize that our job is to govern and make sure that we are delivering jobs for the American people.” – Pres. Barack Obama

What planet does our Commander in Chief live on? I’m really losing confidence in him when he spouts off nonsense like this? If he really believes this, then we are truly fucked.

One of the replies makes my DUDIe

9. I think he is a hell of a lot smarter than you. nt Permalink

So there! Along with the moderator’s reason for locking

26. Locking

To suggest that the President is using drugs, whether meant rhetorically or not, crosses the line, in our opinion.

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I guess it’s only acceptable the other way (via Gibbs)

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