Do you ever have the feeling that all your enemies are gahering to conspire in one room?

It was this tweet from The Telegraph that gave me the Morning Sneeze

I don’t know if their predictions are right or wrong but there was one thing in the article that struck me

The company’s commercial ambitions are also open to question – particularly as Goldman Sachs is expected to raise a further $1.5 billion for Facebook from smaller investors, a move that is likely to interest the US Securities and Exchange Commission. When a US company has more than 500 shareholders, it must file financial returns, which removes one of the advantages of being private and makes a public listing more likely.

So, who else is missing? Bloomberg? Bill Gates? Billionaires of the world, unite!

There was just one bright spot in the story

In a few years’ time, Goldman’s funding could be seen as Facebook’s high-water mark, just as Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of MySpace, thought to be a game-changing development at the time, actually heralded its descent into terminal uncoolness.

But ultimately, it’s a story of elephants running and trampling the ground under them.