I wasn’t sure if this was snark or at least humor when I saw the heading for this photo

but then here it was, clear explanation for anyone who may have doubted it

Awesome picture

and just to be sure others chime in

4. Nice pic. Permalink

just to make sure the lame Wizard of Oz humor doesn’t spoil the reverence

6. Maybe it’s Glinda arriving in a bubble.

A few are confused

8. How is this an awesome picture? Permalink

so they get schooled

10. I think thats the spark from Halo

He too is an awesome person just like Jesus. Permalink

Oh, I am old enough to remember when that same forum was ridiculing the freepers for similar awe for optical effects surrounding W. One is actually awake

12. It’s a picure of President Obama Photoshopped with a Lens Flare filter.

Fucking Awesome!

Next step… President Obama as God?

Give me a fucking break. Permalink

Next step? Whaddaya mean “next step? Least we forget: