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WaPo’s propaganda talking point is that Obama will now socialize with the Rs – because he is THAT charming.

I am old enough to remember when the same papers used the same words for W – usually for his trips abroad

Boston Globe has a strange headline AFGHANISTAN DUTY, CHRISTMAS SPIRIT

They do know people there are Muslim, right? Right? Read the rest of this entry »

Remember the good old times when Obama proclaimed he was not like W?

Having used Clinton to whitewash his trickle down deal,

Obama is quick to sic his propagandists to tell us he is not Clinton

* It’s good to see that Obama is so uninterested in the “triangulation” game that he’s banned the word in the White House:

several advisers confirmed, the word “triangulation” has been banned by Mr. Obama because he does not believe it accurately describes his approach.

I guess it would comfort everyone to know, what Obama does when giving the store to the Rs is called  “post-partisanship”.

Triangulation – which is a name the media came up with – had a purpose of insuring that at least some of the actual Clinton agenda went through.

WaPo provides us with an added dose of comfort

Triangulation just isn’t Obama’s style, and his scolding of liberals seems to be rooted in genuine frustration with them for disagreeing with him about what’s politically possible, given today’s realities. To whatever degree Obama is using his disagreement with the left for positioning purposes, it’s more about temperament than ideology: His role is that of the voice of sanity trying to talk sense into uncompromising partisans on both sides. This just isn’t Clintonian triangulation in any sense.

So, let me see if I get this: he is not attacking the left so the Rs like him. He is attacking them because he really, really, genuinely doesn’t like them.

I feel much better now.

Another reason? Obama is lawyering up. Ahead of time

And: The White House is staffing up on lawyers to prepare for the coming wave of House GOP investigations.

Now, that’s foresight!

Ad I agree with the article too: Obama is not, in any way like Clinton.

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