AP readily provides me with the surprise

On the president’s reading vacation reading list: “President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime,” Lou Cannon’s biography of the Republican president.

Why got me sneezing here?  I thought he might have read everything already about his hero

But then again, this is irrelevant as the reading lists are political propaganda stuff – like when W let himself be photographed with a book called BIAS (about the “Liberal media”).

I am sure than from all the people he impersonated (FDR, JKF, MLK, Lincoln etc) Reagan was always his favorite. I actually know so, from his books

Declaring that he is now reading about Reagan is like putting the cherry on top the trickle down mess he just pushed on us.

How to set off woodoo economics and come out smelling like a rose.

Take that, sanctimonious purists!

And on edit, here’s a little morality play to illustrate the above

An Obamamas Carol: A Play in One, Er, Heartwarming Act.