The tax cut for the rich and upcoming cuts in social security are a distant memory. A few bills later in the senate and  the drool is back

Best. President. Ever.

Few are still awake

His friends agree:

He’s doing great things for them. And there’s more aheadPermalink

He is of course attacked by the loving flock

And what does a “Best President Ever” do?

Obama administration readies indefinite detention order for Guantanamo detainees

They are not happy with this

10. W and Dick would be proud, Obama.😡


You make me sick to my stomach, sir. Permalink

Do I detect a bit of KO style in that one?

Others have a sense of priorities too

I don’t care that much about START. I do care about a dem President

announcing Social Security cuts in a State of the Union address. I think it frickin’ appalling.

Of course, the cheerleaders at this point deny it will happen (later they’ll explain how this is a good thing)

9. The voices in my head tell me that Obama is going to have a great SOTU address.

They tell me that folks in the crowd will still yell lier and that some folks won’t like a thing he has to say. His skin will still be black and that will irritate many who watch. Permalink

But more are thinking it

The Democratic leaders are not even pretending to defend Social Security.

(Good rant follows)

A short sum up:

59. We’ve been had.

We can ignore it. We can pretend that it didn’t happen. We can try to cheer ourselves hoarse to distract us from reality.

The reality is that we have been had. Permalink

Some are really confused

What the hell is wrong with making deals?

one answers with a good cartoon


One has a good sentence

69. Giving away your daughter for only one goat — deal making.

Bad deal making.  Permalink

More koolaid, please! This one is starting to wake up:

Is it only me or does anyone else feel like these were not Obama’s victories?

Senate democrats, sure but I remain furious at Obama for the tax cut compromise. Am I all alone. Is everyone else just drinking the celebratory kool-aid and forgetting the tax deal. We’re still screwed people.

Some are still high up there

9. I’m celebrating the most successful Congress since FDR times

I don’t like kool-aid, I use my brain to make my own decisions about whether something is good or bad.

These are Obama’s victories, including the tax bill that helps millions of unemployed.

These are Pelosi’s victories.

These are Reid’ victories.

Can’t we be happy about the incredible successes for one day before the complaining starts? Sheesh. Permalink

Some can’t afford to celebrate

13. My parents are currently, barely, living on SS and Medicare(caid)

My mom just asked to borrow a significant amount of money from me (that I didn’t have) because they’re already barely getting by. Permalink

But the site administrator tells all they should

16. These victories belong to all of us.
Including President Obama.  Permalink

More wishful thinking

This lame duck session will “restore” the democratic base and bring independents back to Obama

and from another source got the post they deleted

10. I’m guessing that the OP wasn’t intentionally humorous.

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But it certainly seems humorous to me.

They’ve federalized our food supply, unnecessarily (via the Food Safety Modernization Act – headed to Obama’s desk as we speak, with his expressed intention to sign it), and Obama’s signed, or is due to sign, an executive order, of dubious legality/constitutionality, authorizing ‘prolonged detention.’ Additionally, the tax bill/deal set the stage for the gutting of our beloved social security program with the ‘holiday.’ Rendition continues, and Holder is busy talking about spying on American citizens to thwart ‘terrorism.’ Patriots I and II remain active in full, and our freedoms and rights, gutted by said acts, have not been restored.

The signing of the repeal of DADT, and the authorizing of LBGT individuals to serve openly, is a good step in the right direction, but this could have essentially been the case when Obama took office. He could have signed an executive order that precluded enforcement of the policy, and he could have let a federal district court decision stand. True, the law is the best policy, but he could have precluded the practice of discharge a long time ago.

Believe me, I’m certainly not headed back to Obama or the Democratic Party anytime soon, and I’d be surprised to see other former Dems headed that way.

And the DUdie goes

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

to the last gasp of blaming Emanuel – finally Obama has been freed from the basement by that bad, bad man

What’s changed since the mid-terms? NO Rahm Emanuel.

You remember, the Administration’s point(less) man.

Well, in that case Rahm certainly gets absolved of the tax cuts to the rich deal.

And of course, the DUdie is earned for the illusion that anything changed since any time. Especially good changes.

Buy a clue: the only think that changed in the past 10 years is the suckers that had been had. Used to be the freepers, now…it’s you.

This concludes today’s edition of the DUdies.

Come back Tuesday for the next one