I was happy about the repeal of DADT. Much as I don’t really want gay people – or straight ones to get killed in wars – discrimination is discrimination.

ThenΒ  the political posturing hit me over the head

I saw this right as DADT repeal happened, but it just hit me

I remember at the time someone objected that the gay wallets don’t flutter, but make a manly sound.

While I celebrate the civil rights moment, I can’t stop being awed by the cynicism of the Journolist brigade coupled with the chutzpa of those dragged kicking and screaming to finally get on with the repeal.

As for Os, after years of telling the gays that there are more important things to accomplish than their selfish agenda, they are finally able to tell the difference between Obama and McCain!

No difference between Obama and Republicans? Would President McCain have seen to it. . .

that DADT was repealed.

And in the meanwhile as a result

Ivies moving toward restoring ROTC

Some top universities moved quickly Saturday to respond to the vote repealing the ban on gays in the military, and those who don’t restore their ROTC programs in the wake of the vote are likely to face immediate pressure on the issue.

Which send me to the wisdom of this tweet

Resume celebration.

And for those ragging on Clinton for instituting DADT: before that gays were not allowed to serve at all. This was as far as Clinton could push things in the right direction then.

Key words – to distinguish from Obama’s tax deal: “right direction”