Old blog post reprinted threatening anyone thinking primarying Obama in Times union made it on DU

Disgruntled left better beware

Some good comments

14. But gosh, doesn’t Obama benefit from having the pony purist lefties lambaste him?

Doesn’t it help him establish centrist cred?  Permalink:shrug:v

Some amazing comments here

Left Likely to Keep Wallets Closed for ‘Obama the Centrist’

In a quick read of the article they talk about Obama taking in $500 million via the

internet — as I recall it was much closer to way over $800 million, closer to $900 million.

Obama then went back on his decision not to take corporate money.

PLUS Obama took in something like another $280,000 from DU members alone!!!

(If I recall that correctly?)

This last election cost $4 BILLION —

Note that for every $7 Republicans got, Democrats got $1 —

Seems to be a message there re “poo on your shoe”?

Possibly Democrats will have second thoughts about it — at least those who

aren’t millionaires and multi-millionaires, or looking to be?

Of course, much of this “internet money” was big donations laundered in small bills, but at least they got it about the future

L. Coyote (1000+ posts) Wed Dec-15-10 02:10 PM
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1. This article assumes Obama won’t change parties
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defendandprotect Donating Member (1000+ posts) Wed Dec-15-10 02:21 PM
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12. Maybe we should pay him to change?

and the answe comes

18. He won’t.

He can be a much more effective servant of the PTB by keeping the D.

That way, he blocks access to the White House for any other (i.e. real) Dem.

AND he can implement puke policies while letting the public think it’s all the Democrats fault.

He won’t change parties and his REAL base wouldn’t let him. Permalink

I guess that now that the power grab is complete, one can get away with speaking the truth on DU. In the past, they booted people for far less.

Tis is very popular

Glenn Greenwald: Obama administration is surpassing Bush when it comes to assaults on a free press

with only one attemt to deflect

26. Greenwald is a clown

Wikileaks is not the press. Permalink

In spite of everything going on around them, loyalists still buy this

Tax-cut deal barely dents Obama’s high support among liberals

One notes

3. I hope all DU’ers take a moment to actually read the questions of this poll and others like it

The questions are loaded to get a pre-determined outcome and then they are used to beat Americans over the head in an effort to push the findings of the poll as fact.

ABC NEWS/WashPost Poll question 1

Are you in favor of this tax compromise or would you rather have a red hot iron poker slowly inserted into your anus?

The fact is that this and the WaPo/WSJ poll asked questions that insured a high approval result. Simply Google for the poll data and read the questions for yourself! Permalink

And some notes how they all came full circle

Unjust wars and unfair taxes

Those were the two biggest issues on our platform and the reason we got back into the White House.

Now all of a sudden Bush’s tax program is fair, and the war in Afghanistan is a just war and well worth escalating. Let’s keep spending billions upon billions on wars we can’t win. Makes a lot of sense.

What a difference a year or two makes. Permalink

It’s easy when you have no principles.

The bogus WaPo poll is intruduced thusly

Washinton Post/ABC poll: All the stuff most here don’t want to hear

And I can’t for the life of me tell is this answer is sarcastic or not

22. Obama = God!

And the sane people know it… Permalink

especially considering this one

0. Proud liberal here who has come to believe that the president is 100% right on this tax deal

In the short run, anger clouds judgment and reason. Upon deep thought and reflection, I have come to the conclusion that the president is absolutely right!! Permalink

Someone actually puts this thing in context

9. A couple things about this poll………

1. Gallup and McClatchy-Marist have the president at 42% and 46% respectively. That probably means that this poll is an anomaly.

2. If you accep this poll, then the public trust issue of 43/38 is almost a dead heat with the 3.5 MOE.

3. At this time in presidency, Carter was at 50%, in fact Carter was at 51% approval when he lost Reagan two years later.

4. Again, that 87% support among liberals is an anomaly only to this poll. Gallup has him at 69% with liberals and 79% with liberal Democrats.  Permalink

Having just read that Obama will cut Social Security next, this was a bracing read


I’m a proud, unapologetic liberal and I stand with the president!

Don’t broad brush ALL liberals. We vary like the colors of the rainbow.

Let’s see how these people will defend the next betrayal coming down the pipe.

Someone even predicts

I predict DU is going to be VERY unified a month from now.

The GOP is about to take over the House.

But someone knows better

4. Doubt it, if Obama decides to capitulate more. Permalink

Already done, my friend. I feel I am looking at these schmucks from the future. Sorry, can’t be kinder, my survival is at stake and they are guilty.

They still don’t know about  SOTU?Social Security yet, so they defend the tax cuts for the rich

The absolute brilliance of Obama’s tactic on the tax deal the ultra-left just can’t see:

A long lecture on how Obama made Rs “play ball” by giving them what they wanted

One cuts through the BS

6. If brilliance is ceding enough ground to force compromise, then you’re right

Perhaps Obama should promise to torture possible terrorists on American soil; then, the Republicans might let him close Guantanamo. Or maybe if he promises to nuke North Korea, the Republicans will let him leave Afghanistan. Permalink

and another view

15. Don’t forget Germany’s masterful victory in WWII

They had Eisenhower by the nads-really kicked his butt. Permalink

Although in all fairness, Germany did fight in that war.

Others think that

Obama just SOLD future generations of our kids and grandkids into economic slavery

Sleep tight Mr. President.

Maybe the Walton’s grandchildren will allow my grandchildren to work in their fucking store…because THAT is the future you negotiated for them.

But whatever you fucking do…don’t be late for your parties! And I hope you take a double dose of cake.

Yup. There are no less that 20 Christmas parties at the White House this year.

On the news that the House bent to the sell-out

President Obama’s tax cut/stimulus package passes House with at least 277 votes, heads to W.H.

Still ignorant of the plans for Social Security

28. This marks the beginning of the end both Social Security and the

Democratic Party. Permalink

Someone attempts sarcasm

13. Maybe He’ll Veto It?
Nobody wants the tax cuts! Even certain rich people don’t want them! Obama really is the P**y President. And an asshole!

P.S.: The people you’ve tickled in a naughty way will still hate you cause you’re black and want you dead. Idiot! Permalink

Who would have thunk it from the man who campaigned on Blackwater being maligned?

Obama is hiring military contractors at a rate that would make Bush blush.

It seems it’s no longer illegal on DU to compare Obama to W

1. The overwhelming theme of this administration seems to be ratification of almost every thing ruinous

and rotten junior foisted upon this nation. :shrug: Permalink

And this morning, the news of Social Security finally  makes it there

The GOP have just taken another hostage and are demanding SS & Medicare cuts this Spring

It’s a call to action from HuffPo

‘Tell the President: Stand up to the Hostage-Takers! Defend Social Security and Medicare.’

Not everyone is buying the framing

2. The Republicans will be blamed by Obama for his own acts, re: SS and Medicare. Permalink


3. Obama created and unleashed the Simpson Bowles Cat Food Commission by executive order

so nothing else that happens under his administration at this point should surprise us at all.

“Send a Message to the President”? Good one. Permalink

And the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to

Obama is slowly getting his swagger back

Immediately after the mid term elections he looked like a sad, lost puppy lol…

But now with this tax deal, the speech in North Carolina, the fiery press meeting…it seems he’s getting that swag back. I expect him to hit a huge home run at the State of the Union. Its gonna be a big year for the Pres in 2011…

This concludes today’s DUdies

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