The sneeze comes from this headline I saw at DU

Obama signs bill cutting 2.2 billion from food stamps

Some Democrats had objected to the bill because it is funded in part by stripping $2.2 billion from the federal food stamp program. Congress also voted over the summer to take money from the program to fund legislation sending money to cash-strapped states to avoid teacher layoffs.

What was missing was the adorable banter from Teh Ones as they accomplished this

“Had I not been able to get this bill passed, I would be sleeping on the couch,” the president joked shortly before signing the measure into law.

“We won’t go into that,” the first lady said. “Let’s just say it got done. Don’t have to go down that road.”

Whew! Aren’t you all relieved? It only cost 2.2 billion for Obama to avoid sleeping on the couch.

(although I think after the disastrous effect of the latest “I don’t want Michelle to get mad at me” he’d cut on those)

Menwhile on DU, they are scrambling for defenses – seems the food stampers had way too much money, they were begging for a trim

98. Administration raised Food Stamp program from $37B to $68B Permalink

Others think

209. it’s not the point

he should be cutting the WARS, not FOOD STAMPS during THIS ECONOMY Permalink

and more in depth

178. What a crock of a rebuttal. The OP is at least being honest.

The OP says 2.2 billion was cut. That is money that will not be available to people to feed their children. The fact that it will feed some other children doesn’t make it right.

Why did this administration raise the funding for food stamps? Did they think the increase was a good thing? Did they think it was $2.2 billion too much of a good thing? Why can’t Obama ever find the money for his pet projects someplace other than the poor? Couldn’t he have “negotiated” and “dealt” with the republicans to get that $2 billion, which you call a “small portion” from some place else. How about one fifth of one percent of the money he just traded away to America’s millionaires?

Why was it necessary to cut one good program for another? I know a man who needs a car to go to work. I’ll take yours. Then he can get to work. See? That sounds good, right?

Do you know how many people won’t be eating because of this? Do you know how many families $2.2 billion dollars feeds? Don’t you care that those families will now do without? Permalink

One thing they didn’t defend was the 6 c  per meal this bill would add. Would this cover a SpongeBob napkin?Who cares? Michelle got her moment in the limelight so STFU!.

Ironically, the bill is called “The Healthy-Hunger Free Act”.

It only needs a tweak: The Hungry Free act.