Not even trying anymore

OMG folks, it’s just going to get worse. Obama and the NPR interview.

“Please ask him how keeping the tax rate for the richest the same as it has been for a decade creates one single job.”

OBAMA: It doesn’t, which is why I was opposed to it — and I’m still opposed to it.”

So much for the stimulus value of this deal, Obama is undermining his own talking points.

And this is an even better comment – and 2 years ago might have been useful too

5. Let’s see here, UI extension and the middle class tax cuts have passed the House

They have even passed the Senate, though they fell a few votes short of the super majority. This is where the president comes in if he wants to help push HIS campaign promises through. He goes out, hits the bully pulpit, goes into the states of vulnerable Senators and harangues them for their intransigence. Presidents from Clinton to Carter, Johnson to FDR have all done this. Clinton called Gingritch’s bluff on the budget, and Gingritch never fully recovered. Johnson went into the states of vulnerable Senators and brought down fire and brimstone upon the heads of recalcitrant Senators until they gave in and voted for the Civil Rights Act.

But what did Obama do? The two-step, faceplant cave, over two weeks before the buzzer sounds for the end of this fight. That is not leadership, that is cowardice. We need a fighter in the White House, not a folder. Permalink

.In despair, some loyalists call on CDS and race card

thatsracistgm7.gif image by Robbedvoter

Where was all this liberal anger at Bill Clinton when he supported NAFTA?

……Sure, no one says it blatantly, but a lot of the attitudes against Obama are disturbing considering all that Bill Clinton got away with. Bill Clinton is a white man, so he automatically commanded respect as president. Obama…ehh, not so much.

Someone goes as far as to call poor put-upon Obama “the little slave”

2. or DADT and outsourcing jobs! Suddenly, all Clintons fuck ups are now

Obama’s to solve. Makes you want to knock your head on a fricking concrete pillar!

Bush fucked up for 8 years and the little slave needs to fix them fuck ups within two years. Mind fucking boggling!

Towards the end of a long thread one reacts

94. Why the hell are you trying to turn this on Bill Clinton? To take the pressure off President Obama?

Bill Clinton took more shit on this board than anyone, and for what? Because he found a way to keep the country prosperous and out of war for 8 years? Let’s just hope Obama turns this around and creates a decent legacy for himself, too, because we sure need him to do exactly that or we won’t be winning another WH anytime soon. Permalink

One takes it to the logical conclusion

Nightmare scenario: Obama drops all pretense and declares himself to be a R.

Then what?

A few find it unlikely, but most think it wouldn’t add much and even

9. He would still have his cheerleaders here at DU. “It’s just the 11th Dimension of his chess game.”
“Relax, I’m on it.”, and so forth. Permalink

Directly from the Ministery of Truth

“Obama won the great tax-cut showdown of 2010 – and House Democrats don’t have a clue that he did.”

And as for Bill Clinton coming to rescue poor put-upon Obama

I am so sorry Bill Clinton is damaging the last of his credibility to save Pres. Obama.

I find it revolting that firts President Obama “whines” about how he is being treated and then calls in Prresident Clinton to “save” him. This WH really needs to grow up and accept the consequences for its own words and actions.

and another good one

Don’t get mad @ Bubba y’all. Obama left him up there. If y’all are mad y’all need

o point that stick back @Obama.

Obama called him there and Bubba came at the President’s request.

So get off that train it ain’t goin nowhere.

Oh and for y’all who said that the Clintons will take over, they both have done everything asked of them and stayed hidden when asked.

They have sold Obmas policies and agendas like good soldiers. They deserve respect for being team players.

Picking comments from another thread

17. Obama is hoping that Clinton will save him.

Too bad we didn’t start off with a Clinton when we had he chance, IMHO. Permalink


4. It’s weird! BO just standing next to Bill with a sillly grin on his face.

It’s like he brought his big brother to school to take on the bully. Permalink

Someone obliges with a photo


36. I bet Obama went offstage and threw up. This has got to be so humiliating for him!


one more

67. Totally agree Big Dog has a spine – so does his wife and we could

have had them both in the WH with all their experience and cojones. Unfortunately, we picked Obama.

I left the nasty ones out – because this is my blog and it’s my privilege.

This is a strong contender for a DUdies: I can’t believe I made a mistake, the reality did

The President is under a Threat

I think it is time that we seriously consider the possibility that Obama is under a direct threat from the powerful forces that control this government – military contractors, big banks, multinationals. Nothing in his background – not his upbringing, his academic studies and achievements, his willingness to take his top-drawer legal education back to the poorer streets of Chicago, his legislative record, his record of striving and succeeding, his campaign rhetoric – NOTHING suggested that he would be so monumentally weak and capitulating.

Really? Cuz I could thing of 130 somethings of the top off my head. Back to the fantasy

But his actions lately suggest that HE is a hostage. When he said the GOP were holding something hostage, I think he meant himself and his family. Is he under direct threat? Are his daughters and wife being threatened? Did the money men show him a film of the assassination of JFK from a different angle, as Bill Hicks suggested?

Indeed. Let’s revisit “Barack could be shot on the way to the store” frenzy that started in 2008 until he got secret service , just like Hillary had.

Others disagree

3. So maybe President Clinton is under a direct threat too because of the dual press conference. Maybe

the white house dog Bo! Maybe they’re gonna’ break all the white house china! Hostage my ass. Permalink

Here’s a poll

Does Bill Clinton’s appearance at the White House prove that Obama is in over his head?

Poll result (183 votes)
Yes (102 votes, 56%) Vote
No (81 votes, 44%) Vote

and a very pathetic defense indeed

20. And Bush rarely did consult previous presidents – even his own father . . .

We have really jumped the shark if we take it as a sign of weakness or ineptness for the person occupying one of the most difficult jobs imaginable to consult with the only living people on earth with a full understanding of the position.

Sheesh! Permalink

Woa! Remember when Obama was “not-Bush”?

The chess becomes boxing

Is President Obama setting Rs up for a historic KNOCKOUT in 2012, using ‘ROPE-A-DOPE’ strategies


43. Oh no, not the “Chess” shit again. NT Permalink

44. LMAO chess is going to run their azz right off the cliff! Permalink

49. OMG. This is bordering on delusion at this point Permalink

and in the real world

It’s happening: Obama is making a bee-line for Social Security and Medicare

From his interview with NPR yesterday:…

NSKEEP: Won’t Republicans argue — and, in fact, won’t reality argue that any cuts will have to be even deeper because this package that you’re pushing for now will mean there’s even less government revenue?

OBAMA: Actually, I think that if you talk to economists, both conservative and liberal, what they’ll say is the problem is not next year. The problem is, how are we dealing with our medium-term debt and deficit, and how are we dealing with our long-term debt and deficit? And most of that has to do with entitlements, particularly Social Security and Medicaid.

Why is he taking to conservative economists anyway? (yeah, I know, it was rhetorical) The poster correctly concludes

So, according to Obama, the problems with our long-term debt and deficits aren’t due to useless wars and lopsided trade imbalances and skewed-to-the-rich tax policies, but rather to the “entitlement” programs (Obama’s choice of word) which have their own separate funding.

And the newest faux pas. In this locked thread

He’s weak. His inexperience is evident.

He’s lousy at setting priorities. He’s surrounded himself with people who push him in the wrong direction. He’s less than courageous.

It makes me sad, but I am developing real contempt for the President.

some loyalist decrees

9. Calling the President “he” and “his” is derogatory and has no place on DU.


when people ask if they need to call Obama “she” or capitalize pronouns, the outraged O proclaims

0. Call him the President, or Obama.

You know, his actual name and title. Permalink

and someone is quick to notice the transgression

23. You just said “his”!!!!!!

Alerting!!!!!! Permalink

another opinion

14. “He” could really use some help!

You could start by prying all of the heads out of “his” ass. Permalink

One is humoring

57. Here, I edited it for you:

President Obama is weak. President Obama’s inexperience is evident.

President Obama is lousy at setting priorities. President Obama surrounded President Obama with people who push President Obama in the wrong direction. President Obama is less than courageous.

It makes me sad, but I am developing real contempt for President Obama. Permalink

More ridiculousness from the fans

Sen. Sanders is living in Fantasyland.

there’s an exchange that’s especially good here

34. He has dared to “dream”. I doubt that he really believes that he

could get the votes necessary. But, if ones substitutes the concept that it might be possible, then it is well worth eight hours of persuasion. He is not, IMO, in “fantasy land”. He is in cheerleader land and is doing a great job of it.

Thanks Senator for your efforts and your meaningful speech that in itself was worth the 8 hrs. The
transcript of your speech, as recorded in the Congressional Record will be a political science standard, studied for years in our Universities.

37. Well, he has the luxury to give 8 hour speeches. Obama is the President and has a lot of things

to deal with. Permalink

which gets properly slammed

1. yeah — that party he blew out of the presser was so very much more important to do

Give it a rest.

He’s partying while the real representatives are trying to save our necks. Permalink

A bit more race baiting

thatsracistgm7.gif image by Robbedvoter

Moran (D-Va.) “I don’t know where the f*** Obama is on this or anything else. They’re AWOL.”

After the quote about this story, the poster concludes

They wouldn’t be doing this to a white president.

and this is an interesting twist

9. Funny. Rush was claiming the left are racists for challenging the President, too.

what a coincidence. Permalink

Well, in that case….

A little educational poll on Obama RW talking points on Social Security

Social Security was only for widows and orphans. FDR irresponsible: sat and spun for six months

while only 2 people insist they are accurate

Poll result (64 votes)
Accurate statements (1 votes, 2%) Vote
Inaccurate statements (62 votes, 97%) Vote
Other (1 votes, 2%) Vote

some challenge the truth that Obama made those statements

Not sure if this is sarcasm or not (hard to say there), but it’s a template anyway

Everything the President does is genius

and for proof that this is true, I offer you quotes from anyone who agrees with him on a particular issue. if they disagree with him on any other issue, i will mock them and mercifully call them stupid but let’s face it, at times they are geniuses when they have the intelligence to agree with him.

and here’s an illustration

President Obama Just Won Reelection

There’s an ancient Chines proverb that says there are two ways to do in your opponent. You can dig a hole and wait for him to fall in or you can perch him on top of the mountain and wait for him to fall off. Our great leader did the latter. By catering to the Republican’s greed he let them sow the seeds of their own destruction.

We ate the Republican’s lunch and they don’t even know it.

The Grand Compromise will juice the economy, raise people’s spirits, bring down unemployment to more manageable levels, and ensure his reelection in 2012.

Muah, Mr. President

I will imagine the “muah” is the kiss planted on Obama’s ass. Some doubts

30. Right. Just like the original tax cuts led to an explosion in job creation
–oh, wait………. Permalink

And while Os are supposed to be sad about the last news about Obama’s “signature piece”, the most popular discussion today is

A “Public Option” Would Not Be Overthrown in the Courts Like Obama’s Mandated Healthcare Has Been.

And the DUdie goes

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

for the new rule of addressing Obama – no pronouns please

He’s weak. His inexperience is evident.

He’s lousy at setting priorities. He’s surrounded himself with people who push him in the wrong direction. He’s less than courageous.It makes me sad, but I am developing real contempt for the President.

some loyalist decrees

9. Calling the President “he” and “his” is derogatory and has no place on DU.


This concludes today’s DUdies

See you on Friday!