Seems Stockholm syndrome has became a theme as of late.

I still do not watch SNL – although after catching up on line this morning, this may change.

SNL’s Obama Literally Held Hostage By Republicans, Now A Conservative Birther

Here’s a write-up + video  of the opening monologue

After being held hostage for three days, the effects of Stockholm syndrome took hold, he says. By the fourth day, it was too late. At that point, the conversion was complete and he could finally see that “the tax cuts for the wealthy aren’t a big problem. They’re the best part of the bill!”

He assured us that the rich would use the money to create jobs, “millions and millions of jobs.” After all, Rush Limbaugh himself said he’d “never been hired by a poor person.”

Funny as it is, SNL was not the first to hit this (and I am not even referring to Frank Rich’s recent Stockholm Syndrome piece)

There was a pretty good Borowitz Report

In Latest Compromise with GOP, Obama Agrees He is a Muslim

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – In his latest effort to find common ground with Republicans in Congress, President Barack Obama said today that he was willing to agree that he is a Muslim.

“The American people do not want to see us fighting in Washington,” Mr. Obama told reporters at the White House.  “They want to see us working together to improve their lives, and Allah willing, we will.”

and, joke aside, his Os, who missed all that post-partisanship in the campaign and the 130 “Present” votes are also wondering – seriously

The President is under a Threat

I think it is time that we seriously consider the possibility that Obama is under a direct threat from the powerful forces that control this government – military contractors, big banks, multinationals. Nothing in his background – not his upbringing, his academic studies and achievements, his willingness to take his top-drawer legal education back to the poorer streets of Chicago, his legislative record, his record of striving and succeeding, his campaign rhetoric – NOTHING suggested that he would be so monumentally weak and capitulating.
But his actions lately suggest that HE is a hostage. When he said the GOP were holding something hostage, I think he meant himself and his family. Is he under direct threat? Are his daughters and wife being threatened? Did the money men show him a film of the assassination of JFK from a different angle, as Bill Hicks suggested?

Few disagree

3. So maybe President Clinton is under a direct threat too because of the dual press conference. Maybe

the white house dog Bo! Maybe they’re gonna’ break all the white house china! Hostage my ass. Permalink

I guess that would mean the joke is – quite literally – on the Os.