The realization came to me after reading this tweet

It was the natural extension of yesterday’s pathetic behavior in bringing the grown-up to do his job while skipping to a party. A lot of good jokes started then. From the right

Finally, America has a black President again.


He’ll name Clinton czar of the executive branch

From DU

17. Obama is hoping that Clinton will save him.

Too bad we didn’t start off with a Clinton when we had he chance, IMHO. Permalink


4. It’s weird! BO just standing next to Bill with a sillly grin on his face.

It’s like he brought his big brother to school to take on the bully. Permalink

Someone obliges with a photo


36. I bet Obama went offstage and threw up. This has got to be so humiliating for him!


Well it was said how no jokes were made about Obama. All that reverence, plus the threat of being called racist.

Thank goodness, The Unprecedented one succeeded in breaking that barrier.

While, on another  C-Span, Bernie Sanders reminded us what courage, values and decency really sounded like.