At least one tabloid writes about the “Anonymous” cyber attacks in support of Wikileaks

The others seem off message, giving us conflicting reports on the Ds reactions to it

Boston Globe tells us Ds rip Obama, look to alter the deal

while WaPo tells us they are “warming up”

LA Times informs its readers that the deal ads to deficit

but Wall Street Journal tells Obama’s real base that the deal making is open

Charlotte Sun writes that the Ds are balking at the ridiculously low estate tax

while Politico announces that the deal “gains steam”

How many of you expect the Ds to stand up for us and do the right thing? Yeah, neither do I.

Locally, NY Post raves about “Presidential Bloomberg” (who ripped Obama)

and AM NY makes me nauseaous by saying the “Feeling Groovy” 59 Street Bridge is about to be named after Ed-let’s sterilize women on welfare-Koch . They even declare him “beloved”