what follows is an attempt at spin coming from the loyal O’s on DU.

I thought the headline was refreshing – in that they had to deal with the question

Is Obama on our side? Of course he is.

even though they made sure the answer was right there in the headline, least there wouldn’t be any suspicion of mutiny. Amongst the long blabber there’s a metaphor

I think handing my wallet over to an armed robber is hostile to everything I have ever stood for. But if the criminal had a gun to the head of my son, I’d hand it over in a second and would not apologize for doing it. Why? Because there is such a thing as a tactical retreat — it’s about living to fight another day, protecting others from being victimized in order to save your own pride and keeping your bigger priorities in mind.

The first flaw in that argument is that it was not HIS WALLET Obama handed, but ours. He told the mugger to wait a minute, went to the bank and withdrew the money he was the trustee of.

The second flaw is that it ignores that at the time Obama chose “to live another day” he was armed, and the mugger wasn’t. Not only was he armed, he was wearing a cop uniform.

And to the question if Obama can do anything wrong, one concedes

10. He needs to dumb down the message. …. for starters. nt Permalink

Yup. That long con errr – multi-dimensional chess is too subtle for us, the  unwashed robbed masses who let Obama guard their possessions.

Oh, in giving Mr Fish credit for the cartoon, I’ll also add that he drew this in January 2009.

and for the finishing touch, Greenwald’s tweet that may explain the passionate loyalty

Because, after all, loving Obama was always about hating someone.