Some great photos on page ones today. The Boston Globe offered me the expression of Lord Pissy Pants as he crapped on his base for failing to see his brilliance

In the LA Times photo, Obama’s face is obscured by his finger pointing

NY Times shows us our new lords and masters in their threatening allure

while Politico has a cartoon to show how Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are only fat to be excised in “Operation Austerity”. Notice the hostile look on Obama’s face as he takes the scalpel to all that.

The Daiy News pushed the story to the side of the page with a headline that makes Obama sound like a used car salesman: HEY, IT’S A GOOD DEAL! right next to the main headline containing the word “Sleaze”

while the Wall Street Journal, which has a big stake in this passing, tells us that OBAMA WOOS PARTY ON TAX DEAL” – Right, if the party was a battered wife that went blind and deaf and insane already. hey, maybe they’re on to something!