I didn’t exactly expect the media to be critical of Obama’s latest kick in the Ds teeth  – but this is a champagne celebration!

The New York Post even borrowed Daily News pet name for Obama and has a “pander bear” next to the news

The Wall Street Journal rolls out the graphs

and check the Examiner photo going with the story

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Politico sweetens the pot by rubbing the base faces in it: TAX DEAL LEAVES LIBERALS FURIOUS

And USA Today has a feature story about the losers in this “deal” right next to it: MANY WILL HAVE TO WORK PAST 65, IF THEY CAN

Hey, OFA, you want me to write a letter to the editor on how happy I am my Social Security is frozen for two years now just so Wall Street fat cats can keep the entire treasury loot bonuses they paid themselves out of the TARP?.