In what’s become a probable  first step for the party switch, Obama gave cause in his speech for this tweet

Yeah, technically, I retweeted it last night, but it caught up with me now.

Here’s the relevant quote from the source

Obama directly rebutted fellow Dems and liberal commentators who want him to let the tax cuts expire and allow the fight to spill over into next year. It was particularly noteworthy that in so doing, he again positioned himself as the defender of the middle class against “Washington,” even though Dems and the left support a permanent tax cut for the middle class.”There are some people in my own party, and in the other party, who would rather prolong this battle,” Obama said. “I’m not willing to let working families across this country become collateral damage for political warfare here in Washington.”

Those fiends! Trying to undo W’s legacy at the expense of the very vulnerable rich people! Thank god, Obama and his Rs are there to defend us!

For entertainment purposes, here’s another retweet from yesterday

Yup. You’d want someone not associated with the ruthless thugs.