This was the headline that woke me up with a start

Bush job approval rating higher than Obama’s

At first, I thought they compared them at the same point in the presidency, but no. This is today. After all the “Bush tax cuts” in the news, the unprecedented, historical Jr.jr finally accomplished his mission of restoring the Bush  name. Now the donors can finally start Jeb’s campaign!

W scored a 47 to Obama’s relatively high 46. Politico is gleeful and makes pronouncements such as

Bush’s 47 percent approval rating also raises serious questions about the wisdom of the White House’s decision to relentlessly attack him in the months before the Democrats’ historic losses in the midterm elections. The president had kept warning a House Republican majority would return to Bush-era policies. But Obama’s message did little to galvanize the liberal base, and independents flocked to the GOP on Election Day.

Bush’s rebound gives some credence to what he has long said — that history will eventually judge his presidency.

Indeed, if Obama had made one mistake  these 2 years, was not to praise W enough. The Newspeak is already in place

So, it took Obama 2 years to go from Messiah, to historical and unprecedented, to “at least he’s not McPalin” to “not quite W” to “remember the good old W days?”. His handlers ought to be proud of him!

In other former presidents news

John F. Kennedy remains the most popular modern president, with 85 percent of those surveyed saying they approved of his job performance. Ronald Reagan’s job approval was 74 percent. And Bill Clinton’s was 69 percent, up from 61 percent in 2006.
Take heart Obama! After 8 years of Jeb, your numbers will go up too. Slightly.