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I just read the transcript of the press conference after reading such discussions on DU as

KUDOS to President Obama for pushing back on the unappreciative left. . .

After reading it all, it was this very short exchange that illuminated it all

With respect to the bottom line in terms of what my core principles are —

Q Where is your line in the sand?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, look, I’ve got a whole bunch of lines in the sand.

I guess he doesn’t even get the concept of core, or line in the sand.

FYI, for people who have principles, THERE’S  ONLY ONE OF THEM.

Not a bunch. Making taxes for the rich temporary is the same “line in the sand  W had. And this was the last chance to get rid of them.

Obama has no core. No line. Just a bunch of caves.


The good news is most  passed the denial stage

Which stage are you at?


I’ve been in depression for a while now. :(

Poll result (51 votes)
Denial (0 votes, 0%) Vote
Anger (29 votes, 57%) Vote
Bargaining (1 votes, 2%) Vote
Depression (9 votes, 18%) Vote
Acceptance (12 votes, 24%) Vote

Me I had started this back in 2008, but I can’t move past anger since 2000.

here come more excuses

Would it have been a good time to prosecute Bush/Cheney while we had the worst economy in 80 years?

One comment takes care of it all

1. It is always the right time for justice.
Plus, we were told that the Dems can walk and chew gum at the same time. It wasn’t and isn’t an either/or proposition Permalink

Improved tirl for Krugman’s piece

Krugman: Whatever is going on inside the White House, from the outside it looks like moral collapse

while loyalists want to banish opinions

New rule, if an OP title has the words ‘ Obama says or Obama Wants to’ then we need a link.

It didn’t take long

Does anyone think criticism of Obama here on DU is racist motivated?

n my opinion, it is not. But others may think so?

I think people are very discouraged and disappointed with his positions on some issues.

They disagree with his ideas, not the color of his skin, in my opinion.

Others may disagree.

It got locked and not for atrocious grammar.

The last gasp

I still like Obama and the Democratic Party and I still think


Here’s a good answer

21. Yes We Can WHAT? Maybe he already did…
Yes We Can is an empty slogan.

Perhaps for months now he has a slogan that he only shares with his staff: YES I DID! Permalink

and another poll

In your opinion, is DU too critical of Obama, not critical enough of Obama, or just right …

Poll result (156 votes)
Too critical. (87 votes, 56%) Vote
Not critical enough. (42 votes, 27%) Vote
Just right. (27 votes, 17%) Vote

That poor, poor man!

Hope springs eternal – this time from Huffpo

President Might Be Finished Ceding to the GOP

he official did not have specifics as to what period of time the president would find acceptable for an extension of unemployment benefits. Nor is it clear if the president would be fine with those benefits being offset while tax cut extension remains unpaid for. Among the “other tax cuts” that the president is demanding is the Make-Work-Pay tax credit and “a bunch of others expire at the end of the year.”

The remarks are, nevertheless, one of the clearest signs that the president is not only done ceding any more policy turf to the GOP with respect to tax cut negotiations but willing to let rates expire if Republican don’t temper their demands.

Kinda ridiculous reason to celebrate and the O’s ain’t buying none.

1. LMAO!! yeah right…. at this point I’d lay money on Obama always ceding to the Repukes.. Permalink

and others are on to the deceit

12. That’s a shitty deal

Moreover, why trade tax cuts for anything? You’re the President. Let the present cuts expire and force Congress to either come back with a middle class-only package or make the Republicans take the heat for causing everyone’s taxes to go up. Permalink

For your entertainment



John Kerry Says President Obama Isn’t ‘Caving’

and yes, the obvious comments are there

1. The same John Kerry who fought for the recount in Ohio?


Shocking from a deanie – they finally see Clinton

The Clinton speech that Obama should burn into his brain

On November 14th, 1995, President Bill Clinton gave the following speech on the occasion of the federal government shutdown due to an impasse with crazy Republicans.

Please read it. This is what presidents do.
(Note to the appeasement crowd – we won that one, big time. The thing ended with Gingrich and the Republicans in flames.) Speech follows


“But it is my solemn responsibility to stand against a budget plan that is bad for America and to stand up for a balanced budget that is good for America. And that is exactly what I intend to do.”

Obama operative retorts

5. So what you really want is Obama to sound tough and pound his fist

even if what he’s “taking a stand” for is more conservative than what he’s currently doing. It doesn’t surprise me that you have a Dean avatar. He was more centrist than Obama but he sounded tough in his centrism. You don’t want progressive policy as much as you want to be entertained with macho speeches. I get it. Permalink

Another sure sign the Jr.jr reality is being perceived

First new Get Your War On comic in 2 years

My question is: what did the author and his audience in the past two years? How are they different from the guy on the phone they lampoon?

And let’s celebrate Obama’s cave in to the Rs – where’s that sarcasm tag?

Listening to Obama Now: So Glad the Grown-Ups are in Charge

Good job in a tough situation, Mr. President!

Lots of agreement including this

22. I’m convinced that there’s only one sane person in Washington DC…

… and he has REALLY big ears (and a new hair cut it seems!) Permalink

All together: Awwwww!

Some however get it

38. Republicans are Grown-Ups? Permalink

One reaction to the latest compromise

Obama just said that now was not the time to fight because people’s lives were at stake~

From where I sit, the time to fight is WHEN people’s lives are at stake.

I just watched a Democratic President carry out Herbert Hoover’s policies and sound just like Neville Chamberlain.

FDR is spinning in his grave.

FDR pretty much left a blueprint to deal with pretty much the exact situation Obama inherited and it’s as if Obama put that blueprint in his dog’s crate( what’s the dog’s name? you get my drift) and the dog sh*t all over it – exactly as Obama intended.

I am disgusted…I have no more words….just disgusted.

Someone notices

3. He uses that for everything.

It’s why we can’t leave our endless wars.
It’s why we couldn’t get real health care reform and had to settle.
It’s why we have to settle now.

It’s NEVER a time to fight, it seems. Permalink

It’s also interesting to watch reactions in real time to the taxes cave in speech

Obama speaking live now.

At first they are hopeful

2. He’s railiing against the Republicans extension of tax cuts for millionaries.

Gives me hope!

Then slowly realize

7. Oh shit. Just said basically “As much as I’d like to fight…it would be the wrong thing to do”.

So he’s saying he doesn’t want to have a showdown with the Repugs. Permalink

and it’s all downhill from there…

The most succint reaction

My Line has been crossed.

That is all.

Many agreements. One writes

50. lols. My Obama/Biden yard sign is going in the fireplace tonight. Permalink

and another

I just sent an email to the White House asking Obama to please not run for a second term!

I said that if he announces he won’t run, it will give us time to find a real Democrat who actually has the courage and the will to fight for the party and the people of this country.

One comments

1. He has no chance anyway. He was never fit for that job in the first place.

Damn! If we only had waited 2 years to say that, we’d be heroes today!

Another way to enjoy the disaster


From the GOP…….

I follow a WHOLE bunch of GOP members of Congress on Twitter and they (with the exception of Bachmann) haven’t said a thing. It’s EERY.

Are they ….

1. stunned, not knowing what to do next?

2. having a party in Cheney’s bunker and their cell phones are out of range?

3. too busy watching us all fight, popcorn butter on their hands, unable to type?

4. In the woods praying to their Reagan zombie alter?

And the REAL question. If Obama’s “caving” afforded us just ONE night of silence from the GOP, was it worth it? I think so! :)

with a comment

3. ONE night of GOP silence was worth caving on a fundamental principle of the Democratic Platform?

Really? Wow. No wonder they can play us. We sell cheap. Permalink

On edit – I couldn’t let this for Friday

Really wishing Hillary was in the office right about now

I think we chose and we chose damn wrong. The Obama administration is a gigantic shit show. With nearly every f*cking decision, he is closing the door on a 2012 Democratic win for the White House. The mother-f*cking Republicans are bending us over again and again, and no one in power seems to have any fight. What the hell??????

I really think that the 2 things that meant the most to me in the 08 election cycle (DADT and what is happening now) might have been handled MUCH better with Hillary. She has fight in her. He does not.

Talk about buyers remorse.

CDS follows. But the occasional truth

91. She’s not more conservative than Obama.

Remember the FISA vote? Hillary was on the correct side, Obama was not. How about the Move-On vote? Hillary took a lot of flack for it. Giuliani even bought a full page ad in the NYT to rile against her. Obama didn’t bother to vote. Permalink

The most telling is the  O operaltive/fan response

92. .

Sadly, I have to agree, while once again noting the  cosmic size arrogance


And the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

has to go to Skinner’s clueless propaganda thread in the midst of all this despair and depression

To Get You Into the Holiday Spirit — The 2010 White House Holiday Tour! — (**PICTURE HEAVY**)

A friend of mine at the DNC got me tickets to the White House Christmas Tour. Unfortunately, all I had was my iPhone, so they aren’t very good pictures. But hopefully this will help get you into the holiday season…

Not everyone is swooning

. This kind of excess doesn’t give me warm and fuzzy feelings.

All I’m thinking about is how many families are going hungry and without heat this Christmas while millionaire on the Hill consider grabbing another 700 billion for themselves. x( Permalink

This concludes today’s edition of the DUdies. See you on Friday!

In what’s become a probable  first step for the party switch, Obama gave cause in his speech for this tweet

Yeah, technically, I retweeted it last night, but it caught up with me now.

Here’s the relevant quote from the source

Obama directly rebutted fellow Dems and liberal commentators who want him to let the tax cuts expire and allow the fight to spill over into next year. It was particularly noteworthy that in so doing, he again positioned himself as the defender of the middle class against “Washington,” even though Dems and the left support a permanent tax cut for the middle class.”There are some people in my own party, and in the other party, who would rather prolong this battle,” Obama said. “I’m not willing to let working families across this country become collateral damage for political warfare here in Washington.”

Those fiends! Trying to undo W’s legacy at the expense of the very vulnerable rich people! Thank god, Obama and his Rs are there to defend us!

For entertainment purposes, here’s another retweet from yesterday

Yup. You’d want someone not associated with the ruthless thugs.

I didn’t exactly expect the media to be critical of Obama’s latest kick in the Ds teeth  – but this is a champagne celebration!

The New York Post even borrowed Daily News pet name for Obama and has a “pander bear” next to the news

The Wall Street Journal rolls out the graphs Read the rest of this entry »

This was the headline that woke me up with a start

Bush job approval rating higher than Obama’s

At first, I thought they compared them at the same point in the presidency, but no. This is today. After all the “Bush tax cuts” in the news, the unprecedented, historical Jr.jr finally accomplished his mission of restoring the Bush  name. Now the donors can finally start Jeb’s campaign!

W scored a 47 to Obama’s relatively high 46. Politico is gleeful and makes pronouncements such as

Bush’s 47 percent approval rating also raises serious questions about the wisdom of the White House’s decision to relentlessly attack him in the months before the Democrats’ historic losses in the midterm elections. The president had kept warning a House Republican majority would return to Bush-era policies. But Obama’s message did little to galvanize the liberal base, and independents flocked to the GOP on Election Day.

Bush’s rebound gives some credence to what he has long said — that history will eventually judge his presidency.

Indeed, if Obama had made one mistake  these 2 years, was not to praise W enough. The Newspeak is already in place

So, it took Obama 2 years to go from Messiah, to historical and unprecedented, to “at least he’s not McPalin” to “not quite W” to “remember the good old W days?”. His handlers ought to be proud of him!

In other former presidents news

John F. Kennedy remains the most popular modern president, with 85 percent of those surveyed saying they approved of his job performance. Ronald Reagan’s job approval was 74 percent. And Bill Clinton’s was 69 percent, up from 61 percent in 2006.
Take heart Obama! After 8 years of Jeb, your numbers will go up too. Slightly.

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