Terrorism seems to be the theme for today. Let’s start with the new technological advances: now that TSA has its mitts in our panties, we hear Al Quaeda will surgically implant explosives in the eyes. Will that make the TSA agents look into our eyes rather than our panties?Β  Get us retina scans? The Daily News calls them FRANKENBOMBERS (bottom page)

Wikileaks documents are finally read and some of the information is reported: Oh, noes, Saudis were not our friends? Who would have thunk it afterΒ  Saudi Arabia being the birthplace of all the 9.11 hijackers?


Moving on to state sponsored terrorism, Iran claims it has all it needs for nukes, yellow cakes and all

and Afghanistan is open to Taliban talks

In domestic economic terrorism, the rich are getting ready to help themselves to more money at our expense by cutting their own taxes.

Even as, surprisingly, USA Today reports that Bush’s tax cuts weren’t all that with people. The troops seem to be paying a price for the billionaires curs too – with the lowest wage increase in 40 years.