I got that from the Os who made the  lede their headline

NYT’s Blow: Palin is ‘the Zsa Zsa Gabor of American politics’; ignore her

The quote from the article follows

This is it. This is the last time I’m going to write the name Sarah Palin until she does something truly newsworthy, like declare herself a candidate for the presidency. Until then, I will no longer take part in the left’s obsessive-compulsive fascination with her, which is both unhealthy and counterproductive.

She’s the Zsa Zsa Gabor of American politics. She once did something noteworthy, but she’s now just famous for being famous.

… Yet the left continues to elevate her every utterance so that they can mock and deride her. The problem is that this strategy continues to backfire. The more the left tries to paint her as one of the “Mean Girls,” the more the right sees her as “Erin Brockovich.”

Of course, speaking of elevation, Blow (what an appropriate name), in his headline, makes her to be Voldemort

She Who Must Not Be Named

The entire article is  an orgy of insults. For someone preaching that Palin be ignored, he surely has a hard time letting go of the guilty pleasure.

In another funny twist, the Os are angered by this

1. He blames it all on the left’s ” obsession” with her?

What is he, afraid Scarborough won’t invite him back to his show?

then they go right back to …bashing Palin.

I have some news for the “left”. Just as the xenophobic hatred of France was generated – or at least first aired by W, the “Hate Palin” mania comes directly from Obama – his campaign and then carried on by the Os.

It was Obama himself unable to restrain himself from demeaning her from the start. He started calling her a mayor”, a pig” and talked of her obsessively. By the time his handlers prevailed and made him stay out of this all the misogynists missing the Hillary Bone were redirected against yet another woman  outsider trying to break in the power circle.Some of the feminists saw their way in the loyalty circle (and out of the PUMA identification) by jumping on the melee

So, the Bush hatred was quickly poured into Hillary Hatred, then into Palin Hatred.

One might recall hos his aides could barely contain him from such beautiful gaffes like “lipstick on a pig” and “I have more executive experience than her, because I ran my campaign which has a budget ten times bigger than Alaska”

Fresh for the successful unleashing of sexism in the primaries, Obama couldn’t resist brushing his shoulders again.

And his acolytes, who are starting to be ashamed of their blind following, are not quite lucid enough to realize where they got their “one hour of hate” from.

The New York Times is only continuing its role of Obama camapaign arm (and White House official propaganda organ).

They will transition seamlessly into Jeb’s, just like they did from W to Obama.

And while I know it will be Jeb riding to victory on the bipartisan wave of sexism in 2012, I can’t help but be amused as the fauxgressives willful amnesia.

Palin has become this magnificent obsession that they are all helpless to fight. (I am betting that Obama could use a Palin patch too)

Unlike Hillary, being a R, Palin will have at least some friendly media too and she will thrive. Until Jeb will be installed that is..