I think the most newsworthy development of the day is that the Illinois House voted to approve civil unions for gays. They stopped short of calling it marriage, but they still left NY in the dust

In a related civil right story, survey says gay soldiers are allowed not to hide their identity

WaPo is not putting this on page one, but Moonie Times does – with a deceptive headline

I guess referring to those they picked to offer opinions

Assange gets a few more covers. From DC Express, one that looks like a dare

and NY Post having “done” Hillary yesterday, is now moving on to Assange

and a savvy headline in USA Today: OBAMA RISKS GOING ALONE noting how he is estranging both parties

In economics, after letting unemployment compensation lapse, some note this will impact on all economy

(Psst! Same goes with Feds pay freeze and catfood commission! Pass it on!)