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The latest Wikileaks release had the appropriate media exposure. Even the NY rags got it

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What woke me in the morning was this NY Post riff from Richard Wolffe’s book about Obama

This being NY Post, I am amused by the “Nanny President” – and immediately wonder: who are the babies?

The anecdote illustrating this is largely irrelevant and picked to fit a talking point:

Obama orders an overweight staffer to eat the salad for lunch.

To me, this is actually a bit surprising, to see Obama notices someone else than himself.

It’s the  other excerpt that feeds into Obama’s personality

While talking about his researching the White House library for the wisdom of his predecessors, Obama delivers a Reagan quote which he mis-attributes to Lincoln (isn’t it interesting how he draws all his inspiration from the Rs?)

And it gets better:

In fact Obama later admitted to Wolffe that he had found the quotation while reading one of his own diaries, in which he had mistakenly attributed the Reaganism to Lincoln.

So: In times of worry and strife, Obama looks for comforting inspiration in the sacred, timeless words of . . . Obama!

Presidents are often accused of surrounding themselves with yes-men and retreating from the world. This president doesn’t even need the yes-men. He lives in a hall of mirrors, and he’s awed by the view.

Isn’t interesting how even in his own diaries, he can’t find a D quote, mis-attributed or not!

The author makes a few Jr.jr good points as well

Obama evidently feels that his tireless brainwork tidied up the war-peace problem for the ages in his Nobel Prize speech (peace, we learned, is desirable but war is sometimes necessary) and that he wrought a profound new balance on civil liberties by largely retaining Bush anti-terror policies with the major fix being that, this time, he is the one in charge (a position Wolffe ably summarizes as, “In other words, trust me”).
All this gleaned from a fluff up book!
It’s possible that keeping W’s policies is a plus for the NY Post writer and he’d just like an scknowledgment of this.
You know, like Reagan/Lincoln got.

Remember MoveON? Once upon a time they used to be a grassroots organization.

When last seen, they were planning a protest against…Kucinich, for holding out for single payer.

In a last gasp for relevance, they are sending their membership  a love letter to Obama

I of course no longer get e-mails from MoveOn. I resigned in protest when they did that overnight stealth poll to legitimize their meddling in the primaries the way they did.

But O’s do

email from Barack We Miss You

I want my president back

Right now, we need the Barack Obama of 2008 – a smart, tough progressive – to stand up to the GOP tax bailout for millionaires. But instead, he’s talking about giving in. So we’re asking those who fought hardest to elect him to send a message to the White House.

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We Need the Barack Obama of 2008 Back

Now more than ever, we need the Barack Obama we elected in 2008—the smart, tough, hopeful progressive champion who inspired millions of us—to stand up and say “no” to a millionaire bailout.

So we’re asking MoveOn members nationwide to record a video message from the heart to tell President Obama to go to the mat to stop any extension of the millionaire tax giveaways—and to bring back the progressive fighter we all knew and supported in 2008.

Can you record and upload a video today? Check out the example to the right, and just follow the steps below: /

Some there are of course incensed at the very idea of sending Obama videos:



as if MoveOn did anything but that for the past two years.

There is a lucid comment in there too

12. That’s assuming the Barack of 2008 wasn’t a con man. nt Permalink

Give #12 a silver dollar!

Others however are outraged that MoveOn even thinks it can have a voice again

5. “those who fought hardest to elect him”. The audacity of ownership. Amazing

after a debate over MoveOn’s role, one declares

8. he is OUR President….

… and some of us are quite satisfied. Permalink

And another concludes

17. Blessed are the smug, for they shall inherit the center.

The Book of Monty, chapter 3, verse 6. Permalink

Mind you, some of these people declared they too resigned membership.

Poor MoveOn! Who’s going to make those pathetic videos now?

As expected . FBI’s pathetic trap gets all the headlines.

One has to wonder if the timing wasn’t chosen to make up for last Chrismas underwear fiasco.

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I was awaken by this

It seems the Nixon Southern strategy is now complete and it happened post-shellacking:

In Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama, Democratic state legislators have become Republicans, concluding that there is no future in the party that once dominated the so-called Solid South.
Yet scores of them retired or went down in defeat earlier this month. And at least ten more across three states have changed parties since the election, with rumors swirling through state capitols of more to come before legislative sessions commence in January. Facing the prospect of losing their seats through reapportionment – if not in the next election – others will surely choose flight over fight.
It seems that finally Donna’s wish came true! The Ds are now confined to the cities! Those young, urban creatives better show up next time because

With a few isolated exceptions, it now seems that the party’s rural Southern tradition is finally a thing of the past – even at the statehouse level, where familiar faces were able for years to make the case that they were a different kind of Democrat.

Now, if only the Os could make the case that all this – local as it may be – is a product of racism….

I remember only two years ago, there was reason to say that Rs ceased to exist as a national party.

Enter The One…and his slash and burn electoral politics plus the following betrayals. The dead party comes back to whip yesterday’s winners into extinction.

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