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Proving that there are some things he can do by himself (provided they are meant to hurt rather than help people) Obama screws the federal workers

and LA Times explains he plays from the GOP book (Multidimensional chess book?) Read the rest of this entry »

It was Digby’s headline as posted by Memeorandum that woke me up this morning with a start

With friends like these —  When the only people who defend you are the Villagers, you know you’re on the wong track

Mind you, it’s not digby’s headline, it’s Memeorandum’s extract of the  salient idea in an otherwise pretty good piece about the Federal workers freeze as sold by the pundits.

What woke me up was the large “villagers” headline sending me to a Digby piece.

I used to be a regular reader in the Bartcop Forum days, the blog during Bush years. Until 2008 that is.

It is ironic that the Villagers named in the piece are from MSNBC and CNN.

Because starting with 2008, Digby’s blog – and all the others that feared being called “racist” practically merged with MSNBC and CNN and they all became an arm of the Obama campaign.

From sexist attacks on Palin to feeble defense of the Heritage Foundation bill, they’ve been all a happy village.

So Digby cannot shower disdain on the villagers as she is one of them now. Best keep your dirty laundry in the family.

Success has a hundred midwives and failure is an orphan.

I do understand why Digby would now want to dump the orphan and  distance herself from her former allies. But credibility is something that once you lost, you don’t get just because you admit you lied before.

As for Obama, I have news for Digby: It was always just the Villagers selling them.

The Os – they were just the wholesale buyers.

You – village. They-idiots.

Not Your Sweetie

November 2010