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In the old country, I knew I had to go or lose my sanity when I saw retirees on TV cheering for a new law diminishing their pension.

It seems I cannot hide from it. Tonight I read this headline  in Firedoglake

OFA Tries to Get Supporters to Write Letters to the Editor Praising a Federal Worker Pay Freeze

The letter is included and summed up thus

That’s right, the organizing project of the Democratic National Committee wants you to organize in support of freezing public worker salaries.

To me, reading it and seeing the misuse of the word “responsibility rang a bell. I still have the tabloids from Obama’s inauguration  bestest speech ever

The Os who seemed so very attuned to dog whistles missed that one.

The Wall Street Journal surely picked it up as it was addressed to them.

Very few in the media remarked the fact that he took the words straight from W’s inauguration speech.

The letter asking for astroturf starts

A decade of irresponsible spending led to a projected $1.3 trillion deficit that President Obama inherited upon taking office — putting America on an unsustainable fiscal course.

Thank gods, Jr.jr is  ushering his era of responsibility.

You know, where the workers and the seniors pay so the billionaires and the banks can continue the lifestyle they’ve became accustomed to.

Some comments even remark that they see some O’s complying with the request.

My question for all of them: now you finally notice?

You had a candidate running in 2008, when the narrative should have been clear cut: you had war and misery after  you had had peace and prosperity. Which party is more likely to bring back what you want?

Instead, you cheered for someone who extolled Reagan’s greatness (the true revolutionary), praised R ideas and  sought “post-partisanship”

So we should be surprised now, why?

The article starts

We’ve officially gone around the bend.

Yes you did. Two years ago.

This one is nr. 1 today (Nov 27)

Menstruating woman subjected to TSA grope because panty-liner obscured her vulva on pornoscanner

and meanwhile, the adoration society

Obama Kids Book Sells 50,000 Copies in 5 Days

but some dissenting opinions

5. Not too impressive.

Call of Duty: Black Ops sold 5.6 million copies in its first 24 hours. Shows you where people’s priorities lie. Permalink


6. Well whoop te do!!! I cant get excited by this its like fiddling while Rome burns

You’ve got to be kidding me – Obama is heralding the publishing of a kids book – while the rest of the country suffers under record unemployment and an economy bordering on another Great Depression????

Sorry but I can’t get excited about this no matter what cause the proceeds go to. This really is akin to fiddling while Rome burns…. this must be some kind of a joke.. right??

Please Duers don’t publicize this, it will surely be misconstrued Permalink

Back to the TSA – selling that White House talking point:

What the TSA controversy is all about-Another attack on the left

…..This story is about trying to ensure a GOP victory in 2012.

Lots of agreement follows. But then, the “left” which seemed to be defended in the headline s villified

3. Next question, why is the left buying into it? Permalink

among other attacks on “the left” here comes “the nanny state”(candidate for DUdie)

7. I think most progressives are all about a police state,

as long as it’s “transparent.”

They want the government to do everything but cook dinner for them. Maybe that too.Permalink

and someone is shocked

15. Wow.

Wasn’t expecting to read something like that here. What do you have against progressives? Permalink

Earth to #15: they are Os. O and progressives – not exactly on the same side. Ever.

Here’s an interesting headline

Who will make dental care an issue for 2012? Hillary did in 2008.

Shockingly, no attacks on Hillary follow (as of the time of my reading)

And for some fun: One of O’s fiercest defenders is suspicious of Wikileaks

What do you make of these tweets by Wikileaks

What do you think Wikileaks’ objective is?

The first reply is a killer

1. Their objective, of course, is to take down Obama.


Attacks on Wilikeaks follow.

An attempt to blame Senate for Obama’s betrayals

The “transformational” President got hit with a “transactional” Senate.

fails miserably

1. Obama chose his financial team…the same ones that set us up for the fall

He chose to ask for half the stimulus needed to help the economy before he sat down to the bargaining table
He chose to negotiate away another third of that stimulus to tax cuts instead of actual stimulus
He chose to ignore the Gates/Biden recommendation of a narrowed focus in Afghanistan
He chose to instead follow the MIC’s recommendation and enlarged the war in Afghanistan
He chose to put Monsanto in charge of food safety.
He chose to create a ‘deficit reduction’ committee out of thin air
He chose to head his committee with two extremists who have long track records of wanting to dismantle social security
He chose to claim the power to assassinate citizens based on suspicion, without due process
He chose to increase spying on American citizens
He chose to support unconstitutional searches by the TSA
He chose to take single payer off the table before sitting down to the table
He chose to take public option off the table…even while his spokespeople were claiming he insisted on public option
He chose to leave BP in charge of cleaning up their disaster in the gulf
and the beat goes on…. Permalink

And for those of you doubting Obama was the toughest, here’s proof you are wrong (well, they wanted to say “proof” but in all that emotion it came out a bit different…

Prove Obama is toughest…..

a picture of Obama is displayed and the legend

Obama returned to the basketball court two days after taking an elbow to the lip during a game.

Hey, I went back to school age 11, after breaking my lip on the skating ring the next day. But then again, I was a girl, and we don’t get praise for being “toughest”. At any age.

Doubts gnawing at them

Would Hillary have been the better choice in retrospect ?

Watching President Obama continue his attempts at bipartisanship and working with the Republicans
in passing his legislative agenda while the Republicans have plainly said they have no intentions
of working with him, do you think Hillary would have stood firm and taken a “We’ll do this
without you” approach as opposed to the lame attempts Obama is making ?

90% of the answers are the same ol’ CDS we love the O’s for. There is the occasional

41. I have no doubt she would have been far better a choice, there

were many of us that said it at the time that Obama made nice speeches but had no experience. Back in the day if you didn’t support Obama on DU you were accused of being a racist. Permalink

Loyal O’s debate how to react to Wikileaks in their Obamacentric world

There’s no denying the fact that the WikiLeaks has weakend Obama on the world stage and at home

So for those of you celebrating the WikiLeaks story, you need to look at the implications and realize that Obama has become even weaker because of it.

The real enemy is quickly identified

10. Is that why the professional left is so giddy over the leak? Yea, makes sense.


confusing some

42. What is the professional left and why do you have such disdain for them?Permalink

And the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to

Prove Obama is toughest…..

a picture of Obama is displayed and the legend

Obama returned to the basketball court two days after taking an elbow to the lip during a game.

My answer to the headline – I can’t.

Since, the proof to the contrary has surfaced

This concludes this edition of th DUdies. See you on Friday for the next one!.


Proving that there are some things he can do by himself (provided they are meant to hurt rather than help people) Obama screws the federal workers

and LA Times explains he plays from the GOP book (Multidimensional chess book?) Read the rest of this entry »

It was Digby’s headline as posted by Memeorandum that woke me up this morning with a start

With friends like these —  When the only people who defend you are the Villagers, you know you’re on the wong track

Mind you, it’s not digby’s headline, it’s Memeorandum’s extract of the  salient idea in an otherwise pretty good piece about the Federal workers freeze as sold by the pundits.

What woke me up was the large “villagers” headline sending me to a Digby piece.

I used to be a regular reader in the Bartcop Forum days, the blog during Bush years. Until 2008 that is.

It is ironic that the Villagers named in the piece are from MSNBC and CNN.

Because starting with 2008, Digby’s blog – and all the others that feared being called “racist” practically merged with MSNBC and CNN and they all became an arm of the Obama campaign.

From sexist attacks on Palin to feeble defense of the Heritage Foundation bill, they’ve been all a happy village.

So Digby cannot shower disdain on the villagers as she is one of them now. Best keep your dirty laundry in the family.

Success has a hundred midwives and failure is an orphan.

I do understand why Digby would now want to dump the orphan and  distance herself from her former allies. But credibility is something that once you lost, you don’t get just because you admit you lied before.

As for Obama, I have news for Digby: It was always just the Villagers selling them.

The Os – they were just the wholesale buyers.

You – village. They-idiots.

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