I was startled awake this morning by this tweet

I mean, when your approval is in the 30s there’s only one burning question on your mind: where to locate the headquarters for your re-election campaign. I mean. they already have the silly seals and logos, it’s the next logical step, right?

Although, to be really honest, what shocked me was the information that the 2012 campaign will be kicked “sometimes in the next few months.”. I thought it never stopped.

Of course, the funniest part is

Full of nostalgia for the 2008 campaign and keenly aware of the anti-Washington vibe in the electorate, advocates say the arrangement would give the president’s team a chance to get away from inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom and to recapture the grass-roots energy that helped Obama beat two candidates entrenched in the capital’s culture two years ago.

Yeah, because the grassroots left for only one reason: they didn’t like DC . Not as hospitable as…Chicago????

Everyone knows the 3 rules of real estate: Location, location and location.

But what happened to that community activism that made Obama equal to Jesus back then?

At least no one could say “change” was not implemented. Some even say “Unprecedented:

Yet no president or vice president in recent history has won reelection with his headquarters so far from the White House. The arrangement would splinter the president’s staff, sending some of his most trusted advisers to another time zone, and would risk creating a competing power center in Illinois. Because it would limit their casual contact, the distance could also force the White House and campaign staff members to adhere more rigidly to requirements that their work be kept separate. Not to mention that the campaign staff would rarely, if ever, see the candidate.

And that would make it historical.

And while the movers are being  auditioned, we are still unemployed and our social security is still about to be “messed up with” while TSA is still groping us. Is that a fiddle I hear?