My second startle came with this tweet

It’s another one of those moments when they get it (like “Our long nightmare…“)

Starting with the idea that Obama has all our e-mails. And he was just after missing the 3AM call in the morning

According to its timestamp, the e-mail was sent at 4:26 a.m.

“Hey Everyone,” read the first line of the president’s note, which at 27 megabytes proved too large for millions of Americans’ in-boxes.


“Anyway,” the e-mail continued.

A 150-page printout confirms that while Obama’s points are generally cogent in the first quarter of the message, the increasingly chaotic spacing, multiple spelling errors, and near total lack of commas rendered the later portions almost impossible to parse.

and ends with

“Yes we can!” the e-mail concluded. “Ugh, you know what? Forget it. Believe what you want. Yours, Barack.”

Someone seems to have been a fly on the wall….