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Obama is not bringing a knife to the gunfight with the Republicans.

He’s bringing some casserole to share.

All agreements. One slim hope

3. well that’s nice
is there at least some exlax in the casserole? Permalink

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My hero,Dr. Cornel West,on Bush,and current Obama administration

CORNEL WEST: And I would say that even about the Obama administration. The Obama administration seems to have very little concern about poor people and their social misery. Look at the policies vis-à-vis Wall Street downplaying Main Street. Look at the policies of black farmers, a settlement already in place but they don’t want to executed because they don’t want to be associated with black folk too explicitly. Look at the dilapidated housing. We can go across the board. Look at the New Jim Crow system: the Prison Industrial Complex. We’re not talking just about individual presidents. We’re talking about a system that is tilted against poor people, against working people, disproportionately black and brown and red.

Suddenly, they can criticize Obama without being called racist!

12. I guess we won’t see the “this is just more racism from the left”

crowd in this thread. thanks for posting!

Most posts are pure Cornel West worship.

36. Dr. Cornell West, my brother.

What a voice for the down trodden. A national treasure.And he maintains his joy in life. Saint!

Still, some Os are undounted

45. Stupid lie; the administration is plenty concerned about the poor

What a lousy commentary. Permalink

But hiding behind West’s color gave them courage

60. Obama Admin. seems concerned with creating MORE poor ….

from the wars to the bailouts, from the Cat Food Commission to the Foreclosures!

Cutting food stamps — !! Permalink

For fun

What if I just whipped it out while being screened by TSA?

Would it be considered helping them do their jobs, or would they come down hard on me? Just wondering. Any TSA airport screeners out there?

I’m going to fly next month so any tips or ideas would be appreciated.

(Oh yeah, I’m a male, btw :)

Hilarity ensues.

Ob-Bush-Obama.gif Bushbama picture by Robbedvoter

However, as Obama weighs in, lots of anger

Obama: TSA pat-downs frustrating but necessary

“I understand people’s frustrations, and what I’ve said to the TSA is that you have to constantly refine and measure whether what we’re doing is the only way to assure the American people’s safety. And you also have to think through are there other ways of doing it that are less intrusive,” Obama said.

“But at this point, TSA in consultation with counterterrorism experts have indicated to me that the procedures that they have been putting in place are the only ones right now that they consider to be effective against the kind of threat that we saw in the Christmas Day bombing.”

Some of the reactions

13. How can he possibly understand it considering he and his

wife and daughters don’t have to go through it?
Firs he, with his wife and daughters should go through airport security, be patted down and scanned, and then he should talk on how he understands it. Permalink


2. Then he will be willing to set an example as a leader and

subject his wife and daughters and himself, to these abusive practices. He gets further and further away from the people every time he speaks on issues that are important to the people.

I know what is good for me and my family. A politician who is protected from these abuses cannot and does not speak for me. And to think I once thought he did.

Michael Chertoff thanks him for his free ad for his disgusting product. Permalink

and then there’s a picture

. Obey

or ELSE.



21. Obama is stupid
He may be a smart man but this office has made him dumb. He seems to have no ability to think for himself or to do anything other than what his hand picked “experts” tell him. Permalink

the most succint

29. Kiss my ass. Seriously. We’re talking about molestation here. Not “frustration”.


Another one

The President decides. TSA groping will continue.

where the defenders try hard

72. SO is Obama an evil fascist or just an enabler of molesters according to DU?



137. Basically Obama is “covering his own ass”

(in case of an attack) while everyone else gets theirs groped. :argh: Permalink

and a new one

I am sorry. I can’t support any President who requires naked pictures or groping of my genitals to–

to keep me “safe.”

Biden hearts Obama. Some O’s not so much.

“He’s got backbone like ramrod, a brain bigger than his skull and a heart that just keeps beating”

and don’t forget clean and articulate.

I noticed the link to the thread doesn’t work – can’t fix it. Use the comments links to get to it – they work

My favorite comment

1. thought you were talking about…..

the Dos Equis guy……… Permalink

Another good one

15. Faster than a locomotive. More powerful than….. Permalink

Another epiphany

Do you feel an opportunity was squandered after the election of 2008?

…..The Republican President and the Republican Party were at the bottom of it all. They could have been forced to agree with just about any policy that would help to get our economy stabilized. They had no choice.

But somehow, the Democrats let them back into the game. They did not apply the knockout punch which was deserved and called for. After a year of debating healthcare reform, they had regained their credibility with a lot of voters. Then, they killed the Democrats in the midterm elections a few weeks ago. Did the Democrats squander an opportunity to put the Republicans away for a long time?

Many think the answer is “yes”. But the loyal Os are still at it

118. Uh, let’s see…

Saving us from a massive depression, passing historic healthcare legislation, just to mention a couple things. How is it obvious that the answer is yes? Permalink

Others blame the media, congress and …high expectations

The cartoon that is on my Jr.jr page for a year now as well as more recent entries, including the very popular latest DUdies finally makes its way there (with the disclaimer it’s “from Canada” – kinda like the Coneheads were “from France”). I found it at Truthdig. Last year when these scaners were first discussed.

Fine. Canada I am.

ouch (from Canada)

It’s almost unanimously praised. Almost

19. Of Course! Obama is EXACTLY the same as Bush!

Nothing could possibly make more sense!

He was born into money and power, failed upwards his entire life, was a C student, a womanizer, an alcoholic coke-head, a PNAC puppet installed in office for the sake of launching wars in the Middle East, a personal embarrassment to the US in every foreign nation he made a diplomatic faux-pas, the vast majority of the world despises him, he has blown off warnings about terrorsts entirely, corporations and their minions LOVE him, he has helped funnel billions of dollars to his cronies’ and father’s business interests, he is inarticulate, intellectually incurious, and can’t pronounce the word ‘nuclear’.

Can’t even tell which one I’m talking about, can you? Permalink

I have to give this the DUdie .

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

It feels like Biden would get it, but considering the ecstasy here, the O’s have it

“He’s got backbone like ramrod, a brain bigger than his skull and a heart that just keeps beating”

and don’t forget clean and articulate. My favorite comment

1. thought you were talking about…..

the Dos Equis guy……… Permalink

See you back Friday, for the next edition!.