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The Don’t Touch my Junk day is here and the tabloids are in it full tilt

Here’s a Thanksgiving themed headline from NY

NY Post has a cute pun for it Read the rest of this entry »

MoDo – dating herself (in more ways than one)

MoDo turns against Obama a few more degrees in this piece called

Nuking the White House

I chronicled a previous turn back in June when she merely misremembers her impressions during the campaign as contemptuous. She should read her Darcy columns.

Now she turns some pretty good insults – she is almost as good as Brooks at snark:

You know you’re in trouble when you need Henry Kissinger to vouch for you.

But there was the one formerly known as “The One” sitting at a table with a bunch of old, white, Republican dudes, choosing the most abstruse issue on the agenda for his moment to Man Up.

and another beaut

Besides, a man who won the Nobel Peace Prize on layaway doesn’t want to be responsible for any loose Russian nukes ending up in the crazy ’Stans.

Oh, MoDo, if only you were having this ‘tude 2 years ago….I mean, for real, not just in your imagination.

Instead, you chide your creation, Darcy for the same

It would have been nice if Obama had made his tough stand earlier, on tax cuts or “don’t ask, don’t tell.” And since he doesn’t have the votes yet, he risks losing and taking a second shellacking. Popeye pulling out the spinach too late.

She even unearthes Carville’s original put-down, the not-mild one

James Carville told reporters last week. But he agreed that the president needed to get out of his spineless spiral, even repeating his put-down from the Democratic primaries, that if Hillary gave Barry one of her spheres of testicular fortitude, “they’d both have two.”

What can I say, M0d0? Late, but mildly entertaining at this schadenfreude point.

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