The actual Tapper headline is way better if longer

Huh? President Obama Tells Volunteers That In Midterms “You Guys Turned ‘Yes We Can’ Into ‘Yes We Did’

Members of Organizing for America – the president’s former campaign committee – received a text message today asking them to call 888-206-1431 “to hear a special message from President Obama.”

In the recorded message, the president says, “Thank you for the tireless work, you guys organized the single largest midterm election effort in this history of our party…You turned ‘Yes We Can’ into ‘Yes We Did.’”

Tapper then proceeds to justify his Huh? (and ours) by pointing out a few details of the shellacking

As ABC News Polling Director Gary Langer has pointed out, according to exit polls, 29 million Obama voters from 2008 didn’t show up to vote in the midterms.

“Thirteen percent of Obama voters defected to Republicans for Congress,” Langer noted.

Women – who won women voters by 13 points in 2008 — voted 49-48 percent for Democratic vs. Republican House candidate — the best for Republicans among women in national House vote in exit polls since 1982.”

So, this really reminds me of some jokes we used to tell as kids

“No, you don’t have a big head, son”

followed by a patting of an imaginary head the size of Earth.

Or Pats for Patrick – in the SpongeBob episode I’m with Stupid. that his parents give him for recognizing them this time around

“Why wouldn’t I recognize my own parents?”

“You  were never too bright son”

And they hold hands to help him go inside his own house after which he gets pats for his success.

In the end, it turns out, they were not even his parents, they didn’t even have children…

I understand the thanking to those who worked for these elections, but his kind of patronizing shows how little he actually respects these people..