On the TSA gropers


“President Obama, would you be okay with Sasha and Malia being Xrayed?”

This is a policy that *his* DHS devised. People upset about it might wish to pose this question to him. The “junk” guy did what adults may choose to do. What that 3 year old went through was beyond the pale. What have we been forced to become?

and they get really graphic

1. Moreover

Would he be okay with a TSA agent touching the genitals of Sasha and Maila? Permalink

But some still miss the point

6. If they haven’t been, I’m sure they will be.
By the time they’re 12, they will most likely have been Xrayed by the dentist and/or the doctor. This is only a small faction of the dosage of a medical Xray.

If Sasha or Malia were a commercial pilot, they might have more to worry about. Permalink


and explanation does little to persuade

8. You’re concerned with the dosage?

I dare say the machines are probably safe (relatively speaking).

This isn’t about radiation. It is about INDIGNITY!Permalink

even as a photo is posted

3. Death is undignified. I don’t want to increase the chances of it happening.
Regain proportions, people. Even if it were somewhat humiliating — which it’s not (in my view) — so what?

But the joy of getting the Heritage Foundation plan was touching – oh, the humanity!

“Obama was holding back tears when he finally signed the health care bill.”

Swooning ensues

3. Bless you, Barack Obama

and thank you.

There has not been a President with such dignity and integrity as this one for a long time. Permalink

and the occasional lucid reactions

74. A lot of us were holding back tears,

Not because of Obama’s mother, but because Obama and the Dems had squandered the best chance in a generation to make firm progress towards single payer health care. Instead, Obama broke his promise and signed a bill that not only mandated insurance for everybody, but worse, didn’t have a public option. | Permalink

Truth is peeking in

If we didn’t know better, I would almost be willing to swear pubs allowed BHO to be president

provided he: kept the wars raging; kept the Patriot Act and onerous TSA invasive procedures intact; kept DADT; passed HCR but without single-payer or some form of universal health care, while assuring escalating profits for insurers and big pharma are kept fully intact; kept the Wall Street banksters and fraudsters happy with continued bailouts and no meaningful reform; drilled, baby, drilled; kept junior’s tax cuts for the wealthy intact; continued a Republican-styled highly irresponsible fiscal policy so budget deficits could be used against Dems during the next presidential election; and for lagniappe, gutted social security and Medicare to help pay for those continued tax cuts for the wealthy and the mushrooming expenditures for the military. Now is this not some great kind of country or what? ;)

of course, the answer comes immediately




but then there’s this

10. The anti-Hillary crowd insisted on “inspiration” rather than “know how”.

Blame them. Permalink

CDS follows, but then there’s this

25. I suspect that the MSM’s cheerleading for Obama was to cut out Hillary..;.

Smirk had ruined any chance of America electing a Republican, so a Democratic president in 2008 was a foregone conclusion. The conservative corporate media certainly knew that. So perhaps they did all they could to make sure that the incoming Democratic president would be someone OTHER than Hillary — for obvious reasons. That would explain why they went out of their way to (a) excoriate the Clintons, and (b) boost Obama’s profile.  Permalink

to the Soros news

George Soros Tells Progressive Donors Obama Might Not Be The Best Investment

one comments

4. The Clinton 2012 campaign has been launched! – nt Reply

Other Os agree with Soros

10. Truth hurts. I’ll be “looking somewhere else” with my vote in 2012.

I’m done with Obama…unless he grows a pair and actually makes his one term Presidency actually mean something. Permalink

Another epiphany – but you should know where it originated too

Palin is our fault.

I am not refering to her nomination but rather to why she is still so popular its because we willing give her so much free press that it keeps her name out there and makes her appeal to the nutjobs over on the far right even more.
After all look at past vp nominees most of them fade away largely because their names are not being mentioned so often so the only way I think we are going to really be Nailin Palin is by……………………ignoring her.
That means no more articles or news stories posted anymore about her or her family should be posted on the DU or emailed to friends, even ones showing how much of an idiot we all know she.
So what do you all say, should we stop supporting her or not?

It was Obama campaign that hit on the nerve of sexism, and this somewhat lucid post, buries its own credibility by using such words as  “Nailin Palin”

and then there’s that

13. Which is why you created your own Palin thread

because they bother you so. :rofl:

And all those who share in your dislike of the threads post their anti-thread comments and the thread is bumped, is perpetuated and not allowed to fall from page 1 into the black hole of “who cares” threads of DU.

Gotta love the silliness of this place. :rofl:Permalink

Hey, at least you’re not shooting your teevees.

Another reality

Obama reduced to pleading to the GOP for treaty on nukes

This morning I had the news on and I saw a brief press conference by Obama. It was embarrassing, he was basically pleading to the republicans to pass the Start treaty on nukes that was worked out with Russia.

Obama made some good points that this treaty should be non-partisan and that it was in the USA best interest to pass it. But does he really think the republicans will listen?? They are now the official party of the legally insane, and can’t be reasoned with!!

How many times will the republicans have to slap him down and refuse to work with him for Obama to get the message?


That should be obvious by now.

The defense to this ought to garner the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

1. President Obama proves he’s smarter than people on the Internets

Kissinger is being recruited to convince Republicans to support a treaty that they oppose.

I find it hilarious that some of the very same people who lauded Jane Hamsher for joining with Grover Norquist are now attacking the President for engaging someone to help him push his agenda forward. Permalink

One brings it up

9. Kissinger is a WAR CRIMINAL. And apparently a Zombie, as well.