This woke me up with a start

If W wore to death the word “compassionate” Obama did the same to “Change”. No one is buying it anymore.

Considering the big transfer of power that just took place, this only can mean two things:

The Rs, tea party voters didn’t really expect their candidates to do any better than the Ds, they just wanted the Ds out

The D who voted and the Ds who stayed home don’t really believe the news Congress critters can be worse than the old ones.

But no one seems to remember the slogan Obama ran on. Or if they do, they certainly see it as empty words.

“Just words?!” Obama once asked, copying Deval Patrick. Yup. Just words.

And unfortunately, I agree with them – not that I expected any good change to come from this new election. But then again, my expectations were equally low in 2008.