That woke me up with a start!

Of course when checking , one sees that it’s the same damn TSA story that was in the headlines all day.

In O-ville, the headlines were not that far away either

“President Obama, would you be okay with Sasha and Malia being Xrayed?”

1. Moreover

Would he be okay with a TSA agent touching the genitals of Sasha and Maila? Permalink

and we get pictures too

27. No one should be forced to make the choice between the damned scanner

and a freaking groping.

But some prefer it (or the terrorists win)

3. Death is undignified. I don’t want to increase the chances of it happening.
Regain proportions, people. Even if it were somewhat humiliating — which it’s not (in my view) — so what?

Back to the Moonie Times article though. In the end the article ALMOST reaches the right conclusion, but takes athe right turn in the last minute

The Obama administration prides itself on seeking purportedly “intelligent” solutions to complex problems, but it has no such answer to air safety. Its policy for protecting American travelers is to simply and superficially check everyone, and tell those who have concerns about their personal privacy to take it or leave it. So when a TSA worker asks to examine your private parts, don’t blame the terrorists, blame an administration that refuses to admit that America is at war with Islamic radicalism.

My own explanation can be summed up in a picture as well