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“We didn’t need a Democratic President to go after Social Security. But we sure got one.”

and the defense

23. UNrec.

Obama is out of the country.
Obama has not done anything to SS.
The commission is only giving ‘recommendations’.
Obama will not accept any recommendations that hurt SS.
Everyone needs to stop bashing Obama about the things the media is spinning. Permalink

Another good epiphany

Remember when Al Gore talked about putting Social Security into a ”Lock Box”?

No wonder SCOTUS wouldn’t let him win.

Of course, you have your idiots

3. No, the “lockbox” never made any sense.

What do you think the SSA *should* have done with the surplus cash?

and explanations

60. Well that’s what the lock box was about, including the Treasury debt to Social Security

in the national debt numbers.Segregating Social Security by accounting standards instead of pooling it all together so the mega-wealthy could get tax breaks. Permalink

Contemplating Doomsday

Suppose the drumbeat continues, the propaganda intensifies, and we lose the White House in 2012?

Suppose the Nation actually elects a Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty or even Crass Christie because he ‘tamed’ the hated NJ.

Then what?

Some reactions

7. Bury your money in the backyard. . .Permalink


8. They’ll still let us post cat pictures in the Lounge.

Won’t they?Permalink

and a smart comment

19. I’m pretty sure the problem isn’t a ‘drumbeat’ – the problem is the RW policies.


and a plea to stop the hate

Why do the net root progressives hate President Obama?

Everyone I know (I’m politically active outside of my computer)support his presidency and are going to campaign for him hard in 2012.
I’m just confuse about who should be President in 2012 posts. Hell, maybe it’s a black thing, cause I just don’t get it.Thank God his base still support him.

complete with some PUMA kicking

35. Exactly

“I don’t understand why some need everyone’s approval of a politician just because they do.” Like the ones that are so pissed off about their candidate losing that they are carrying the primary fight two years down the line. Permalink

and one of the most ironic posts in light of the DU embracing a freeper recently

7. I’m also confused it feels like freeperville sometimes on DU lately.

Top Cat Permalink

And a loyalty oath from…Ms Corleone


14. No complaints from me!

Obama’s policies have helped my family, friends, neighbors, and fellow small biz owners immensely.Permalink

I wonder if the irony is intended here. If not, DUdie potential

One picks on the race bait innuendo

26. A black thing?

So the fact that we got two years of weak, nearly useless legislation has nothing to do with it?It’s “a black thing”.

Get real. Permalink

and another takes it further

57. It’s not a black thing. They hated Hillary. Then candidate Obama benefited from it at the time. Permalink

And here are the new rules they’ll pretend to enforce to get rid of undesirables

An important announcement about the DU rules, and how we enforce them.

There’s a long boring post, but this was, I thought, interesting:


On the DU Member Survey, a majority of members said that criticism of President Obama and other elected Democrats does not need to be constructive. However, a majority also said that we need to have some limits on what people say about President Obama and Democrats. With this in mind, we have tried to write a rule that permits robust criticism of Democrats from a liberal perspective, while also making clear what type of attacks are not permitted. Here it is:

Disrespectful nicknames, crude insults, or right-wing smears against Democrats.

Democratic Underground welcomes a wide range of people from the left half of the political spectrum, and our members are welcome to post messages either criticizing or defending Democrats. We permit any substantive criticism of President Obama and Democrats — even harsh criticism that may not seem constructive — provided it comes from a liberal perspective. However, we do not permit the following: Referring to Democrats using disrespectful nicknames (eg: Calling President Obama “Barry”); Crude insults against Democrats (eg: “Fuck Harry Reid”); Insults, attacks, or baseless partisan smears against Democrats that one is likely to find on right-wing blogs or talk radio (eg: Secret Muslim, no birth certificate, etc).

This comes from someone who I think does releases straight from the WH – photos and heads ups on Obama’s schedule. This time a real accomplishment for Obama and a scary question

Obama on “60 Minutes”: 15.2 million viewers; “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” 5 million viewers.

Is there really any NEED to hold an election in 2012? :)

Lots of photos follow.Among the comments

2.  Obama got 3 times as many viewers on a major network right after football

as Palin got on a network that most people can’t even find. I’m not sticking up for Palin here, but I have to admit it’s a pretty lousy comparison. Permalink

and the rebuttal

2. They have been advertising heavily for that Palin shit…….

Edited on Mon Nov-15-10 04:06 PM by FrenchieCat
for quite some time. Her daughter dances twice a week
(and she can’t dance worth shit, but whatever),
on the most viewed show on television.

Obama got no advertisment for being on 60 minutes.
While Sarah Palin has been getting almost if not more coverage
than this President since the election.

If she farts, it makes the news.

Obama can go on a 10 day foreign trip,
and if he’s gotten about 1 hour worth of coverage
when put all together, he’s lucky….
understanding that of course, most of it would have been negative press.

But whatever. Permalink

A few notice that not everyone has cable, not all cable packages have TLC

And the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to Ms Corleone for her loyalty oath


14. No complaints from me!

Obama’s policies have helped my family, friends, neighbors, and fellow small biz owners immensely.Permalink

Are those small biz-es sanitation? Because people not in the Corleone family are somewhat less happy.