What woke me up with the start was not the headline, but the reactions

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Obama to Switch Party

The piece – for all this obviousness,. has some great lines

President Barack Obama has confided his plans to become a registered Republican some time before the end of the lame-duck session of the 111th Congress. Speaking to his inner circle, he lamented failing to bring the two major parties together. One of his confidants reported Obama saying,

It’s really just one party anyway and clearly the Republicans have the confidence of the people. I can finish my original mission much easier within the GOP.” Sources wouldn’t elaborate on what that mission is.


Obama had gone through a several month period of gloom and despondency starting shortly after the BP oil spill. He felt as though he was forced to attack the hapless, accident prone oil giant in public just to appease popular sentiment. He reportedly told a close adviser, “Don’t the people realize that big business is the engine of the world economy. The gulf will be OK, but will BP survive?”

The faithful are outraged and maybe a little bit scared

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But the author is also defended

6. That is a great piece of satire.

The author is a looooong time DUer, a friend, and a good writer.

I’m sorry so many are so thin skinned with pieces like this.

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And there’s even this thought

147. Obama Joining the Republicans Would Be an Improvement

In his desire to be Mr. BiPartisan, he would listen to the complaints of the Democrats and adopt some of their liberal idea. Permalink

The critics are called

40. The criticism is coming from the left

Are you attempting to conflate all criticism of the Obama administration as that of teabaggers?Permalink

and they never disappoint

42. Attempting? n/t


But this exchange is better

70. Tomorrow’s Headline

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86. Or:
President responds to Democratic critics of his party switch, says he’ll seek areas of common ground.