It was this headline from Politico that woke me up with a start this morning

Nicer Emanuel woos Chicago voters

Stop the presses! Candidate makes nice to voters!

There’s of course a more true to like MayorEmmanuel on Twitter who speaks more like Rahm. The not-campaigning Rahm

The Politico article says he has it in the bag, but needs more alliances.

But in Chicago, being well-financed and associated with the hometown president — Emanuel even cited Obama’s health care reform bill to the applause of the crowd — cannot get you all the way to city hall. Building a diverse alliance of Chicagoans, much like current Mayor Richard Daley did, is essential to winning and governing as mayor.

My advice to him: keep peddling the health care reform. Then, maybe, the Chicago voters who are scratching their head already about their choice in the 2008 primary, may have a chance to redeem themselves.