It’s Sunday. I am allowed to doze off and get startled awake yet again.

This comes from a tweet by David Axes of Evil Frum

and it’s a little teaser from the promising revisionism W is trying so hard to sell

The short tidbit at the link gives us the “scoop” about W almost rebelling against Cheney by replacing Rumsfield. Obviously Unca Dick set him straight.

The conclusion that this would have “lost” the war in Iraq belongs to Frum.

My tweet to him:
What did we win?

And the fun doesn’t stop here! The enterprising Frum who has been fired by W for bragging about putting words in his mouth, finds more news in his book: not only didn’t W stand up to Cheney, but apparently he didn’t really rebelled against Poppy either by going to war.

Privately, Poppy gave his blessing