Today’s startling news that wake me up was from this tweet

People tend to remember Millbank these days mostly for “Mad Bitch beer” but the remark that will forever define him for me was made on NPR during the 2000 election:

“Gore makes you feel like he’s better than you, and he’s not, while Bush is making you feel like he’s not better than you and he is”

I guess the word “deadlock” gave me a glimmer of hope, but the fact that Millbank and o were on the case made me realize that the fix is in so tight nobody will be able to stand in the way of the latest class warfare.

Nancy Pelosi makes some pretty noises, but she made them back when she was Speaker on Health Club for men, shortly before she caved in.

In his article, Millbank teaches Obama to do “what’s right”:

The questions are whether Obama is willing to stand up to Pelosi and whether he can weather the consequences of triangulating against the liberals. So far, so good. “Before anybody starts shooting down proposals, I think we need to listen,” he said from Seoul, in an implicit rebuke of Pelosi.

Standing up to the left?  Oh, he can muster this much courage, I am sure. Millbank is helpfully reminding people what the usual suspects have said

The National Organization for Women called it an “assault on Social Security,” the AFL-CIO said it tells “working Americans to drop dead,” and Rep. Jan Schakowsky, a member of the commission, called it a “non-starter.”

Just the choice of sources – women, unions – tells you how extreme Dana thinks their views are.

And by mentioning opposition from Grover Norquist from the right, he neatly frames the cat food commission’s radical ideas as the Goldilocks of the solutions – the one Obama has to embrace, if he wants media’s approval.

Well, Dana, you’re whistling by the graveyard (almost literally).

Obama appointed this commission and picked these people. Even an O could see

Obama wants to slash Social Security across the board. That’s the only reason that one hires Simpson and Bowles. Otherwise, it’s like hiring John Gotti to do the gardening.

So, don’t worry your pretty head. You’ll get part of my meager Social Security to finance your tax cut, your man is on it – that’s why you helped install him there!

But don’t try to make me applaud him for it though while I eat my cat food.