Reading Myiq2xu’s post about Obama’s movement

But the real problem with the Obama movement is that unlike the Abolition, Women’s Suffrage and Civil Rights movements, the Obama movement was formed for the purpose of advancing a politician and not a political policy.There is a term for a political movement centered around a person rather than a goal: a cult of personality.

made me reflect about what hope and change meant for the Os

When they were saying “let’s change the world” no one had in mind a more just society. They just wanted their enemies to die. Or at least be severely humiliated.

Last night, watching Eric Cartman bring making the world a better place by having Cthulhu kill everyone he disliked – from Justin Bieber to hippies and Whole Foods  – I had a more complete image.

Then the Os appeared – as the Goth kids

Mark 11:57

We worshiped and prayed to Cthulhu, went to all meetings but life is still frickin’ gay.

I thought than when Cthulhu would rise, all would be darkness and pain. I thought at least, school would get canceled!

Not our god! he promised everything would change if we worshiped him but we’re still sitting here smoking cigarettes like before. It’s like Obama all over again!”

That’s the problem with movements speared by very vague catch words. People rarely mean the same thing by them.