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These are the “greatest” discussions o DU

Wait till they find out the Ds in congress are stripping the DADT provisions from the defense authorization bill in spite of the fact that they have the votes for it

Reading Myiq2xu’s post about Obama’s movement

But the real problem with the Obama movement is that unlike the Abolition, Women’s Suffrage and Civil Rights movements, the Obama movement was formed for the purpose of advancing a politician and not a political policy.There is a term for a political movement centered around a person rather than a goal: a cult of personality.

made me reflect about what hope and change meant for the Os

When they were saying “let’s change the world” no one had in mind a more just society. They just wanted their enemies to die. Or at least be severely humiliated.

Last night, watching Eric Cartman bring making the world a better place by having Cthulhu kill everyone he disliked – from Justin Bieber to hippies and Whole Foods  – I had a more complete image.

Then the Os appeared – as the Goth kids

Mark 11:57

We worshiped and prayed to Cthulhu, went to all meetings but life is still frickin’ gay.

I thought than when Cthulhu would rise, all would be darkness and pain. I thought at least, school would get canceled!

Not our god! he promised everything would change if we worshiped him but we’re still sitting here smoking cigarettes like before. It’s like Obama all over again!”

That’s the problem with movements speared by very vague catch words. People rarely mean the same thing by them.

Happy Veterans Day! There’ll be cat food for you, veterans as well!

As expected, Obama’s catfood commission decreed. One Florida newspaper has a straightforward headline


Others are already propagandizing for it: BOLD MOVES Read the rest of this entry »

Tn the news that wake you up with a start, the new development in the story of  two self-absorbed stupid men:

To sum up: After a presidency that reigned disaster after disaster on people, W declared that its lowest point was when he, W was called racist by Kanye.

In turn, Kanye, who at the time sounded rational, in the context of Katrina, now declared that he understands poor W as he also experienced “the race card” when he made an a* of himself at the Grammys.

Matt Lauer, who it seems is W’s legacy restorer in chief orchestrated this last development in the world of stupid. Here’s how it went

Both men appeared on NBC’s Today Show, speaking separately to host Matt Lauer. In an interview recorded on Tuesday (9 November), West expressed regret for saying, during a telethon appearance in 2005, that Bush “doesn’t care about black people”. “I would tell George Bush, in my moment of frustration, I didn’t have the grounds to call him a racist,” West said. “But I believe that in a situation of high emotion like that, we as human beings don’t always choose the right words. And that’s why I’m here.”

Act two in the Idiot Theater, complete with W pulling an Endora on Kanye’s Darren – just his adorable habit of giving people nicknames

Yesterday, Lauer played West’s apology to Bush and asked if he could now forgive the rapper. “Absolutely,” he said, going on to mispronounce West’s name. “I’m not a hater, I didn’t hate Conway West … I was talking about an environment in which people were willing to say things that hurt … It wasn’t just Conway – Kanye – West who was talking like that during Katrina.”

And Act three followed in short order – where Kanye sheds his generous forgiver persona and reverts to poor victim

West opened fire on Lauer before either interview had aired, accusing the TV host of manipulating him. “HE TRIED TO FORCE MY ANSWERS,” West tweeted on Tuesday night. “It was very brutal … It’s all a fucking set up!!!!” The rapper has since resolved not to “do press any more”.

Hey, now that we all got the fuzzies, how about having Obama apologize to the Clintons, to the voters of Pennsylvania, Apalachia, and to women for calling them racist?

Eh, maybe come legacy time….

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