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Recently I decreed a language reset for myself to avoid being a hypocrite when telling others name calling was bad.

It cost me my own creation, “Bobots” – so useful , so economic.

Ever since, I have been struggling – especially in my DUdies presentations with “they” “Obama’s core base”, Obama fans”. Not like.

Finally, in reading the deliciously titled Anglachael essay Democrat for a Day I stumbled on a clue reading this paragraph

He is not apologizing for being a Democrat. He is griping that people are calling him one when he has made clear he wants none of it. That is not his tribe. It is not so much a lack of conviction as a mismatch between the party and the politician. In all of his campaigns, in all of his sales brochures, whenever he has spoken about himself, he has disavowed his connections to the governing philosophy of the Democratic Party, again and again praising the opposition for their anti-government, anti-democratic principles. His current apologists should have believed what he said way back when.

He only ever wanted to be a Democrat for a day, election day.

Indeed, it’s not that we didn’t know these things, they have just been summed up very well.

Obama was never a Democrat. And since he doesn’t exactly talk like one – all the time, I guess, not a Republican either. Obama is an Obamacrat, or an O. His followers, formerly known as B0bots are now the Obamacrats, or the Os.

Nothing in here will affect the “Jr.jr” name for Obama in any way shape or form, much as W was in many ways more R than Obama was a D.

A scary cover on the Examiner but the caption gets it right in the end

and, surprise, there’s actual resistance in congress to the repeal of DADT! I am sure Obama will fierce advocate it through. As soon as he is done appealing the repeal by the courts Read the rest of this entry »

The kind of news that wakes you up with a start, like a sneeze.

OK, I knew it’s 2013 already for some.

It was “outside groups” that startled me. At first I thought of OFA, Moveon and all the activism structure that was used in 2008 but left idle in 2010. But looking at the article I see it has nothing to do with activism and all with finance

Some Democrats have complained openly that Obama’s 2008 admonition against outside groups spending money during his presidential run carried over to 2010, leaving Democrats on the sidelines without a well-tuned infrastructure of groups to help embattled candidates.

Read more:

So it’s PACs and other money shoveling structures we are talking about. Going R all the way.
The “outside” refers to the party, I guess. or the law. Or the country. But what’s new, really? Stopping pretending?

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