Every morning I wake up  early – the first one in my house – except my dog.

My computer is the first thing I set my eyes on as I slowly wake up.

I try to be quiet, as everyone else sleeps. But suddenly, the sneezing starts.

My sneezes are formidable. Back in law school, one of my professors called my sneezes “subversive” and banished me from the auditorium.

These days, I scare the dog – who jumps off my lap. Then I wake everyone else.

Some of the news I read in the morning  have the same effect on me: they wake me up – and sometimes they scare me.

So, in the mornings I stumble onto these kind of news,  shall put them in a short morning sneeze entry.

This morning sneeze comes from Tweeter

I tried and tried scrolling past that, but just could’t.
So  many sneezes packed in such a tight space!
The NY Times – which decides what’s fit to print, now deciding what’s “hip”
The hopelessly clueless Orange Cheeto enshrined as hip .
Bunch declaring the Kossacks old hippies.
I am up now!