The pissy faces and words like “shellacking”  in Obama’s press conference yesterday provided the cherry on top for those who came to vote to show him. And the newspapers made page one of them, reflecting the need of many to see this.

Cover of the day –  for the laconic headline goes to the Express

although I like  headline of Las Vegas Review Journal  better

But back to the cherry on top – reminding me why we used to call the first Jr Lord Pissy Pants:

NY Post has an out of character straight headline

while it’s the cheerleading Daily News that goes for the cute pun

Even NY Tomes sports one, the pissiest face of all

and The Examiner goes for the essential

which may be, coming from Rs, cut the subsidies, leave the rest


Indeed, as he promised Marion Berry, “unlike in 1994, you got me!”

Found another cover, on Twitter

Me, I didn’t watch this. But someone who did, has this observation

Fuck me, He’s Norma Desmond

“I’m big its the pictures that got smaller”

Thats how he comes across.