These are entries of Election Day and the Day after. I thought it eventful enough to give it a whole edition

It’s early  Election Day and the speculations are up


OPTIMISM AT THE DNC: The Democratic National Committee just e-mailed reporters: “We’re continuing to see high turnout across the East Coast and moving into the plain states ahead of the lunch time voter rush. Reports of higher than expected turnout in highly Democratic areas continue to come in. Across the country, volunteers are hitting the doors and making phone calls, reaching out to voters and getting them to the polls.”

Others see the bright side of losing

So now Obama gets to run in 2012 that the GOP wants to take your health care away

orry I am just not upset with all these new gop congressman coming in. So now Obama gets to run in 2012 that the GOP wants to take your health care away and that there a do nothing congress. To me that is a home-run and hopefully the GOP will do us another favor and elect Palin as there nominee…..

From the Ministery of Truth

How Gore’s Politics Alenated (sic)the Democratic Base

Except for one minor detail: GORE WON! Only one poster came up with this, in a long clueless line.

More delusions

You really think President Obama is going to let a Rand Paul have his way?

Nah, he’ll play multi-dimensionall chess with them!

and some of the answes are even more deluded

36. Hell the Senate Caucus isn’t going to let Rand Paul have his way.

They are going to teach this young man a valuable lesson on ‘hubris’.

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and more fantasies

39. If I was Obama

First thing I would do is call little Rand to the oval office for a private, closed door meeting. I’d have the biggest meanest secret service agents on the payroll there and I’d have them throw his ass down and one stand on his face while I explained things to his racist little ass. :evilgrin:

then I’d send him back over to the senate to think about it ;) Permalink

Straight from the talking points

Regardless of the results tonight, I’d like to suggest every one of us commit to 2012

next order of business – how will we face tomorrow?

Are you taking tomorrow off to avoid teabaggers/rethuglicans at work?

The Day after

Cenk Uygur: How’d That Bipartisanship Thing Work Out For You?

with replies like

1. But when we on the ‘professional left’ tried to tell them that,

we were told to ‘stfu’ and that our ideas were ‘retarded’ (blaming Emanuel follows)

Trying to cope

After a good night’s sleep I feel better. I’m glad they “won.” Let them have it.

approval 50/50. Blaming the powerless

15. True, nothing’s going to happen and I hope the progressives are

satisfied. This Congress will give them single payer. :sarcasm:


As of right now, I am formally backing Dr. Howard B. Dean III to challenge Obama from the left

A good comment

3. I don’t think Dean can challenge anybody “from the left”.

Dean is a moderate. Permalink

Threats also follow

16. A bold move sir; you’re sticking your neck out quite a bit there. n/t


and from the professional left – talk to the hand

Dear President Obama: WE TOLD YOU SO! (rec to make a statement!)

A new justification for the multidimensional chess theory – the problem is with the world, you see

11. “18-Dimensional Chess” is not very effective in a “Hungry Hungry Hippos” world.


They ponder: Where did our wominz go?

The question as well as the clueless answers are the recipients of the DUdie
f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

We nearly lost women

For all the talk of “Security Moms” in the oughts, women never evenly split between the parties in that decade. Why did we lose 10 percent of female voters, and what can we do to get them back?

No one remembers 2008. Or the Jane Crow amendment. How convenient.

Since it’s the DUdie, let’s highlight a particularly ugly speculation

9. I will say something unpopular

I believe the root of this loss is racism.

For these women to support Republicans
– who have said they will interfere with a womans right to choose
– who do not believe in fair wages for women
– who do not believe in providing money for military women who have been in combat
– who believe that early start programs for children should be eliminated
– who believe the Dept of Education should be abolished
– who believe that Medicaid and Medicaire should be abolished

Sorry but what other conclusions can we come to? I believe they are blinded by Faux and racism. What say you?

And others agree, it’s the white womenz, now, the very definition of  raycists.

Old too:

One of the big features of this election was that voters as a whole were considerably older and much more Caucasian than in 2008. In other words, the “women’s” vote was more older white ladies. That group is going to be amongst the most conservative. I doubt you’ll see that two years from now.


I guess they hope Obama’s healthcare will kill them off by then.